Land Patent Holders
Becker County

The following is a list of individuals, with last names starting with S through Z, who were issued pre-1908 homestead and cash entry land patents in Becker County, Minnesota obtained from the CD-ROM Minnesota Pre-1908 Homestead & Cash Entry Patents from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 7450 Boston Boulevard, Springfield, Virginia 22153.

Last names starting with:

If you would like more detailed information about any patentee, refer to Becker County Minnesota Look-ups.

SACKETT, ETTA A. - Osage Township
SAGENSCHNEIDER, ANTON - Evergreen Township
SAH GAH GE WAY GAH BOW E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
SAH GE GWON - Pine Point Township
SAH GUTCH E WAY BE QUAY - Round Lake Township
SAH GUTCH E WAY GE SHIG O QUAY - Round Lake Township
SAICE, ALLOYSIUS - Maple Grove Township
SALL, HANS - Richwood Township
SALMELA, ISAAC - Spruce Grove Township
SAMMANN, JOHN H. - Silver Leaf Township
SANDBERG, JOHN W. - Richwood Township
SANDE, JOHN T. - Atlanta Township
SANDE, LASSE E. - Atlanta Township
SANDEN, OLE W. - Walworth Township
SANDEN, WILHELM O. - Walworth Township
SANDERSON, ARTHUR W. - Osage Township
SANDQUIST, ERIC - Holmesville Township
SANG WAUN DUG - Township 141N Range 38W
SANG WAY WAY - White Earth Township
SANG WAY WAY CUMIG UB - Pine Point Township
SANG WAY WAY, FREDERICK W. - Spring Creek Township
SANG WAY WAY, SUSAN - Spring Creek Township
SANG WAY WAY, CATHARINE - Township 141N Range 39W
SANG WAY WAY, ELLEN - Maple Grove Township
SANG WAY WAY, EVA - Maple Grove Township
SANG WAY WAY, FANNIE - Maple Grove Township
SANG WAY WAY, JOHN - White Earth Township
SANG WAY WAY, LIZZIE - White Earth Township
SANG, JOHN - Lake Eunice Township
SANTWIER, LUCY - White Earth Township
SANTWIER, PHILOMEN - White Earth Township
SARTAIN, PETER - Osage Township
SAY GIT OONCE - White Earth Township
SAY SAY GONE EQUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
SAY SAY GUN O QUAY - Pine Point Township
SAY SAY GWON E QUAY - Pine Point Township
SAY SAY GWON E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
SAY SAY GWON O QUAY - Pine Point Township
SAY SAY GWON O QUAY - Round Lake Township
SCABAUAGH, JOSEPH - Lake Eunice Township
SCHAEFER, AUGUST - Height of Land Township
SCHEEL, JOHN H. - Two Inlets Township
SCHILLER, JOHN - Silver Leaf Township
SCHMALZ, FRIEDRICK - Toad Lake Township
SCHMARBACK, CHARLES - Burlington Township
SCHMIDT, ERNST - Silver Leaf Township
SCHMIDT, JOHANNES - Silver Leaf Township
SCHMIDT, LUDWIG - Holmesville Township
SCHMITZ, NICHOLAS - Holmesville Township
SCHRAM, EDWARD - Evergreen Township
SCHRAM, EDWIN - Burlington Township
SCHRAM, SAMUEL A. - Evergreen Township
SCHRAMMER, GERHARD - Silver Leaf Township
SCHROEDER, GOTTFRIED - Burlington Township
SCHULLER, ADAM - Silver Leaf Township
SCHULTZ, CHRISTIAN - Toad Lake Township
SCHULTZ, FRITZ - Toad Lake Township
SCHUMANN, JOHN H. - Osage Township
SCHWOBODA, GEORGE - Silver Leaf Township
SCOTT, JAMES P. - Sugar Bush Township
SCOTT, NELLIE - Sugar Bush Township
SCOTT, WILLIAM - Lake Eunice Township
SEAMAN, GEORGE N. - Lake View Township
SEELY, BENJAMIN F. - Two Inlets Township
SELKIRK, CHARLES - Spring Creek Township
SELKIRK, GEORGE - Spring Creek Township
SELKIRK, JEREMIAH - Spring Creek Township
SELKIRK, LILLY - Pine Point Township
SELVIN, ANDREW - Cuba Township
SELVIN, CHARLES - Cuba Township
SEMPF, GENEVA C. - Erie Township
SEMPF, HENRY C. - Erie Township
SEMROH, MICHAEL - Evergreen Township
SENECAL, GEORGE - Lake View Township
SENSKE, BEN J. - Savannah Township
SETHRE, OLE - Cormorant Township
SEVERTSEN, PEDER A - Cormorant Township
SEVERTSON, SEVERT - Cormorant Township
SHA YAH GO SAY - Pine Point Township
SHADBOLT, WILLIAM H. - Carsonville Township
SHAFER, GEORGE N. - Spruce Grove Township
SHAFER, HENRY - Spruce Grove Township
SHAH BAH CUMIG - Township 141N Range 39W
SHAH BAUSH KUNG - Forest Township
SHAH BAUSH KUNG - Sugar Bush Township
SHAH BO AUNCE - Pine Point Township
SHAH BONDE - Forest Township
SHAH BOONCE - Maple Grove Township
SHAH GO DUB E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
SHAH WUN AH CUMIG - Pine Point Township
SHAN NOOD - White Earth Township
SHAN WUN AUN AH QUOD - Township 141N Range 38W
SHANNON, LINCOLN - Richwood Township
SHAW BAW KUM - Maple Grove Township
SHAW BON DAY O SAY QUAY - Eagle View Township
SHAW WUN - Pine Point Township
SHAW WUN AUSH E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
SHAY DAY - Township 141N Range 38W
SHAY NOU ISH KUNG, ANNIE - Township 141N Range 39W
SHAY NOW E GWON ABE - White Earth Township
SHAY NOW ISH KUNG - Township 141N Range 39W
SHAY SHAY WAY GE SHIG - White Earth Township
SHAY SHAY WAY KE SHICK - Pine Point Township
SHAY SHAY WAY KE SHIG, BOBBY - Sugar Bush Township
SHAY SHAY WAY KE SHIG, JOSEPH - Township 141N Range 39W
SHAY, JAMES A. - Hamdan Township
SHE BAH CUM IG O QUAY - Sugar Bush Township
SHE BAH CUM IG O QUAY - White Earth Township
SHE BAH KE SHIG O QUAY - Spring Creek Township
SHE MAH GON ISH - Pine Point Township
SHE SHABE - Pine Point Township
SHE SHE BE - Township 141N Range 39W
SHELDON, CHARLES - Height of Land Township
SHELLMAN, ANDERS F. - Height of Land Township
SHEPARD, FRANK - Green Valley Township
SHERER, CHARLOTTE K. - Spring Creek Township
SHERER, IDA - Spring Creek Township
SHERER, MARY - Spring Creek Township
SHERER, FRANK - White Earth Township
SHERER, LIZETTE - White Earth Township
SHERMAN, CUTLER A. - Detroit Township
SHERMAN, LOIS H. - Detroit Township
SHERRATT, CLARENCE C. - Savannah Township
SHILLING, ERNEST - Two Inlets Township
SHIN GOOB - Township 141N Range 38W
SHIN O WAINCE - Township 141N Range 39W
SHING GOOB - Pine Point Township
SHIPMAN, GEORGE E. - Green Valley Township
SHO BAUSH KUNG - Sugar Bush Township
SHO BOW DAY GE WOUN OKE - Township 141N Range 38W
SHO NE YAH QUAY - Maple Grove Township
SHO NE YAH QUAY - White Earth Township
SHO NE YAH WUB E TUNG - Maple Grove Township
SHOW E UN E GE SHIG - Maple Grove Township
SHOW E UN E GE SHIG - White Earth Township
SHULTZ, CHRIST - Erie Township
SHULZ, AUGUST - Lake View Township
SHY AH GO SE KUNG - Pine Point Township
SIECHAU, SAMUEL - Evergreen Township
SIEGFORD, GEORGE F. - Osage Township
SIEGFORD, JACOB F. - Osage Township
SIMMONS, JOHN B. - Lake View Township
SIMONS, AUSTIN - Detroit Township
SIMONS, ROLAND - Lake Park Township
SIMONSEN, JENS - Audubon Township
SIMS, ELIZABETH - Erie Township
SIMS, OBEDIAH - Erie Township
SIVERSON, GUST - Richwood Township
SIVERSON, OLE - Cuba Township
SIVERSON, SWAN - Cormorant Township
SIVERSSON, ERIK - Holmesville Township
SIVERTSON, SIVERT F. - Toad Lake Township
SIXSMITH, GEORGE - Lake View Township
SKAINA, ERIK P. - Audubon Township
SKEI, OLE P. - Atlanta Township
SKINNER, HENRY - Toad Lake Township
SLAUM, ANTON - Lake Eunice Township
SLAWSON, MELVILLE - Height of Land Township
SLETTEN, PAUL C. - Audubon Township
SLOAN, MARY A. - Spring Creek Township
SLOAN, MARY A. - White Earth Township
SLYCK, MICHAEL - Burlington Township
SMART, ALBERT J. - Detroit Township
SMED, JACOB - Wolf Lake Township
SMITH, GEORGE W. - Spring Creek Township
SMITH, GEORGE - Osage Township
SMITH, JOSEPH - Spring Creek Township
SMITH, JOSEPHINE - Spring Creek Township
SMITH, LIZZIE - Spring Creek Township
SMITH, THEODORE F. - Osage Township
SMITH, CHARLES E. - Savannah Township
SMITH, CHARLES W. - Atlanta Township
SMITH, EMILY - Maple Grove Township
SMITH, EMMA - Township 141N Range 39W
SMITH, FRANK - Pine Point Township
SMITH, FRANK - Township 141N Range 38W
SMITH, GEORGE - Pine Point Township
SMITH, HENRY - Shell Lake Township
SMITH, JESSIE R. - Grand Park Township
SMITH, JOHN - Township 141N Range 39W
SMITH, JOHN - White Earth Township
SMITH, JOSEPH E. - Maple Grove Township
SMITH, LARS P. - Richwood Township
SMITH, LEON - Grand Park Township
SMITH, LIZZIE - Maple Grove Township
SMITH, MARY - White Earth Township
SMITH, MERRITT J. - Savannah Township
SMITH, SAM - White Earth Township
SMITH, TOM - White Earth Township
SMITH, VOLNEY F. - Grand Park Township
SMITH, WILLIAM - Erie Township
SMITH, WILLIAM - Pine Point Township
SMITH, WILLIAM O. - Silver Leaf Township
SNIDER, JOHN - Carsonville Township
SOLLY, JOHN - Audubon Township
SONG AH CUMIG - Maple Grove Township
SONG AH CUMIG - Round Lake Township
SONG KE GWAN A BE QUAY - Maple Grove Township
SONG WAY WAY - Sugar Bush Township
SOPER, FRANCIS D. - Height of Land Township
SOPER, JOHN H. - Height of Land Township
SOPER, MARCUS A. - Grand Park Township
SORENSON, GUTTORM - Lake Park Township
SORENSON, PAUL T. - Sugar Bush Township
SORRENSON, KITTLE - Lake Park Township
SOUG AH CUMIG - Township 141N Range 38W
SPADZINSKI, MICHAEL - Silver Leaf Township
SPANGELO, NILS J. - Atlanta Township
SPARBECK, ELLEN - Silver Leaf Township
SPAULDING, SETH T. - Osage Township
SPEAR, GEORGE W. - Lake Eunice Township
SPEARS, JULIA R. - Spring Creek Township
SPENCER, SARAH A. - Osage Township
SPENCER, CHARLES E. - Two Inlets Township
SPERLING, CARL - Height of Land Township
SPERLING, FREDRICK - Height of Land Township
SPERLING, JOHANN - Height of Land Township
SPERRY, LORING D. - Detroit Township
SPRY, AMELIA - Callaway Township
SPRY, AMELIA - Sugar Bush Township
SPRY, ANGELINE - Callaway Township
SPRY, ELIZA - Callaway Township
SPRY, ELLEN - Sugar Bush Township
SPRY, FRANK - Callaway Township
SPRY, FRANK - Sugar Bush Township
SPRY, HENRY - Callaway Township
SPRY, HENRY - Riceville Township
SPRY, ISABELLE - Riceville Township
SPRY, LAURENCE - Callaway Township
SPRY, MARY - Sugar Bush Township
SPRY, MATILDA - Sugar Bush Township
SPRY, PETER - Callaway Township
SQUIRE, THOMAS - Lake View Township
ST CLAIR, ALFRED - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, ALLEN - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, BENJAMIN - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, EVA - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, GEORGE - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, GEORGE - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, HENRY - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, ISABEL - Riceville Township
ST CLAIR, JANE - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, JOSEPH - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, LOUIS - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, LOUISA - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, MARY - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, MARY - Riceville Township
ST CLAIR, MARY - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, MINNIE - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, SARAH - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, SIMON - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, SOPHIA - Riceville Township
ST CLAIR, SUSAN - Sugar Bush Township
ST CLAIR, WILLIAM - Callaway Township
ST CLAIR, WILLIE - Callaway Township
STACK, DENNIS - Audubon Township
STAHLMAN, J. H. - Hamdan Township
STAHLMANN, J. H. - Hamdan Township
STAKKE, KNUTE O. - Lake Park Township
STAV, OLE P. - Holmesville Township
STAVE, CHARLES - Audubon Township
STEARNS, EDWARD E. - Two Inlets Township
STEARNS, ELLIOT W. - Two Inlets Township
STEARNS, JOHN H. - Erie Township
STEELE, WILLIAM S. - Two Inlets Township
STEFFEN, AUGUST - Burlington Township
STEFFEN, JOHN - Silver Leaf Township
STEIN, HERMAN - Silver Leaf Township
STEIN, JOHN L. - Holmesville Township
STENERSON, PETER - Richwood Township
STEPHENS, MARTIN E. - Carsonville Township
STEPHENS, ANDREW D. - Savannah Township
STEVENS JOHN E. - Cuba Township
STEVENS, NILS O. - Richwood Township
STEVENSON, LOUIS G. - Lake Eunice Township
STEWART, LATHAM D. - Richwood Township
STEWART, JAMES A. - Wolf Lake Township
STIENEN, PETER - Height of Land Township
STIERNA, JOHAN A. - Runeberg Township
STILLMAN, BARBARA - Detroit Township
STOKALA, MATTS - Spruce Grove Township
STOKES, JOHN L. - Silver Leaf Township
STOKES, WILLIAM H. - Silver Leaf Township
STOMBAUGH, LORETTE - Two Inlets Township
STOVALL, JESSE C. - Cormorant Township
STRAYER, JOHN - Callaway Township
STREIMIKES, ANTHONY - Shell Lake Township
STURTEVANT, CHARLES H. - Lake View Township
SUAMALA, LEANDER - Wolf Lake Township
SUCK UN E GAH BOW E QUAY - Township 141N Range 39W
SUKKESTAD, JENS O. - Audubon Township
SULDUER, MICHAEL - Erie Township
SULLIVAN, ERIK - Wolf Lake Township
SULLIVAN, HUGH - Cuba Township
SULLIVAN, JOHN - Cuba Township
SULTZER, WILLIAM - Lake View Township
SUNG AH CUMIG - Township 141N Range 38W
SUNRAM,WILHELM - Height of Land Township
SUSAN - White Earth Township
SVENSON, DANIEL - Lake Park Township
SWANSTROM, NEILS S. - Lake Park Township
SWANSTROM, OLOF - Lake Park Township
SWEET, JAMES B. - Spring Creek Township
SWEET, MAUD A. - Spring Creek Township
SWEET, RAYMOND H. - Spring Creek Township
SWEET, BLANCHE - Callaway Township
SWEET, ELIZA V. - Callaway Township
SWEET, EVA - Callaway Township
SWEET, GEORGE A. - White Earth Township
SWEET, GEORGE W. - Sugar Bush Township
SWEET, GERTRUDE - Callaway Township
SWEET, GERTRUDE - Sugar Bush Township
SWEET, HAROLD C. - Sugar Bush Township
SWEET, LELIA E. - Callaway Township
SWEET, WALLACE C. - Callaway Township
SWENSON, SEVERT - Walworth Township
SWENSON, SWEN - Richwood Township
TABBUT, KATE - Lake View Township
TABBUT, NORMAN W. - Lake View Township
TAH BOONCE - Eagle View Township
TAH BUS AH UM - Riceville Township
TAH BUS AH UM - White Earth Township
TAH EE ZHE QUAY - Maple Grove Township
TAH EE ZHE QUAY - White Earth Township
TAH TOW E GE SHIG O QUAY - Pine Point Township
TANNER, EDWARD - White Earth Township
TANNER, GEORGE - White Earth Township
TANNER, JOHN - White Earth Township
TANNER, LIZZIE - White Earth Township
TANNER, MARY - Maple Grove Township
TANNEY, AUGUST - Spruce Grove Township
TANNY, HENRY - Spruce Grove Township
TAUNG WAY WAY ANNAH QUOD - Township 141N Range 39W
TAY BAUS E GAY QUAY - Spring Creek Township
TAY BAUS EGAY QUAY - Maple Grove Township
TAY BUS E KE SHIG - Maple Grove Township
TAY BUS E KE SHIG - White Earth Township
TAY BUS O BE QUAY - Pine Point Township
TAY BUS O BEAK - Township 141N Range 38W
TAY CUM - Sugar Bush Township
TAY CUM E KE SHIG - White Earth Township
TAY CUM EGE SHIG - Eagle View Township
TAYLOR, JOHN - Carsonville Township
TAYLOR, LILLIE M. - Lake View Township
TAYLOR, LUCY - Township 141N Range 38W
TAYLOR, PETER - Pine Point Township
TAYLOR, PETER - White Earth Township
TE BAH CO NE GAY WE NE NEE - Spring Creek Township
TE BISH CO BE NAIS EAK - Township 141N Range 38W
TE BISH CO CUM EGO QUAY - Maple Grove Township
TE BISH CO CUM EGO QUAY - White Earth Township
TE BISH CO GE SHIG - Pine Point Township
TE BISH CO GOH BOW - Township 141N Range 38W
TE BISH CO YAUSH EAKE - Maple Grove Township
TECHNER, FRIEDRICH - Height of Land Township
TEIGEN, JAMES E. - Savannah Township
TESSMANN, FRED - Toad Lake Township
TESSMANN, JAKOB - Toad Lake Township
TESSMANN, MEIK - Toad Lake Township
THERIAULT, FLORENCE - Riceville Township
THERIAULT, FREDERICK - Riceville Township
THERIAULT, IRVIN - Riceville Township
THERIAULT, MAGGIE - Riceville Township
THIEDE, JOHN - Spruce Grove Township
THOMAS, CLARA - White Earth Township
THOMAS, FRANK - Two Inlets Township
THOMAS, ISAAC M. - Detroit Township
THOMAS, JOHN M. - Height of Land Township
THOMAS, WILLIAM - Spruce Grove Township
THOMAS, WILLIAM M. - Lake View Township
THOMPSEN, LOUIS - Audubon Township
THOMPSON, FREDERICK - White Earth Township
THOMPSON, JOHN - Holmesville Township
THOMPSON, LEONARD H. - Maple Grove Township
THOMPSON, LEONARD H. - Sugar Bush Township
THOMPSON, LOUIS - Walworth Township
THOMPSON, THORSTEN O. - Atlanta Township
THORESON, NELS - Cuba Township
THORSON, ANDERS - Cuba Township
THORTENSON, SEVALD - Audubon Township
TOBECK, HENRY - Toad Lake Township
TODD, CHARLES O. - Two Inlets Township
TOEPFER, JOHN - Audubon Township
TOFT, ANTON A. - Township 141N Range 38W
TOLICKSON, BOREL - Cormorant Township
TOLLESON, KLARA - Detroit Township
TOMBERG, CHALL - Toad Lake Township
TOOLEY, FRANKLIN P. - Osage Township
TORGERSON, KNUD - Cuba Township
TORGERSON, MADS - Lake Park Township
TORGESON, THOMAS - Cuba Township
TRACEY, JAMES - Cormorant Township
TRANKNER, HERMAN H. - Two Inlets Township
TRIEGLAFF, WILHELM - Silver Leaf Township
TRIEGLOFF,AUGUST - Burlington Township
TRIMLETT, WILLIAM C. - Burlington Township
TRIPP, DEUCA L. - Silver Leaf Township
TROAN, LARS L. - Atlanta Township
TROTOCHAUD, ANGELINE - Callaway Township
TROTOCHAUD, ANGELINE - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, ANTOINE - Sugar Bush Township
TROTOCHAUD, C. A. - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, FRANK - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, HERMAN - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, JOSEPH - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, LIZZIE - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, MAGGIE - Sugar Bush Township
TROTOCHAUD, MARY - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, MARY - Sugar Bush Township
TROTOCHAUD, MOSES - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, PETER - Riceville Township
TROTOCHAUD, PIERRE - Sugar Bush Township
TROTOCHAUD, REMIE - Sugar Bush Township
TROTOCHAUD, ZOE - Riceville Township
TURNBULL, JOHN S. - Carsonville Township
TURNBULL, JAMES - Evergreen Township
TURNBULL, JOHN S. - Green Valley Township
TURNBULL, JOHN S. - Shell Lake Township
TURNBULL, JOHN S. - Wolf Lake Township
TURNBULL, PETER - Wolf Lake Township
TURTON, JOHN - Lake Eunice Township
TVEDT, JOHN O. - Cormorant Township
TVET, ASLE O. - Cormorant Township
URAN, CHARLES - Callaway Township
URAN, LEWIS - Callaway Township
URAN, MADELINE - Callaway Township
URAN, WILLIAM - Callaway Township
VAN VALKENBURG, JOHN A. - Riceville Township
VAN VALKENBURG, LIZZIE - Riceville Township
VANBORG, MARTHA F. - Spruce Grove Township
VANDERGRIFF, EVA - Riceville Township
VANDERGRIFF, FRANCIS - Riceville Township
VANDERGRIFF, FRANK E. - Riceville Township
VANDEWATER, MILTON W. - Two Inlets Township
VANOSS, MADELINE - Spring Creek Township
VANOSSE, LEANDRE - Detroit Township
VANWERT, DAVID - Spring Creek Township
VANWERT, MAGGIE - White Earth Township
VENNER, ANTON R. - Atlanta Township
VENNER, RASMUS H. - Atlanta Township
VETTER, JOHN - Detroit Township
VEZINA, ABRAHAM L. - Sugar Bush Township
VEZINA, ANGELINE - Callaway Township
VEZINA, ANGELINE - Sugar Bush Township
VEZINA, MARGARETTE - Callaway Township
VEZINA, ROBERT - Callaway Township
VEZINA, SARAH - Callaway Township
VEZINA, SOPHIA - Sugar Bush Township
VIBE, IVER L. - Richwood Township
VINCENT, JAMES H. - Spruce Grove Township
VINCENT, JERRY E. - Spruce Grove Township
VIZNOR, ISABELLE - Spring Creek Township
VIZNOR, ABRAHAM - Callaway Township
VIZNOR, ARTHUR - Riceville Township
VIZNOR, HENRY - Riceville Township
VIZNOR, IDA R. - Sugar Bush Township
VIZNOR, IGNATIUS - Callaway Township
VIZNOR, JOSEPH - Riceville Township
VIZNOR, LOUIS - Riceville Township
VIZNOR, MARY J. - Sugar Bush Township
VIZNOR, PETER - Callaway Township
VIZNOR, ROBERT C. - Sugar Bush Township
VIZNOR, WILLIAM - Callaway Township
VIZNOR, WILLIAM H. - Sugar Bush Township
VOGTS, FREDERICK - Spruce Grove Township
VOLD, ENGEBRET - Richwood Township
VOLKER, FREDRICK - Burlington Township
VOSE, GEORGE F. - Detroit Township
VOSEN, GEORGE - Green Valley Township
VOSEN, PETER - Green Valley Township
WACKER, DIETRICH - Toad Lake Township
WAGNER, ERNST - Holmesville Township
WAGNER, WILLIAM - Lake Eunice Township
WAH BAU NAH QUOD - White Earth Township
WAH BE CO NAY AY QUAY - Forest Township
WAH BE GWON - Eagle View Township
WAH BE SESH E QUAY - Forest Township
WAH BE SISHE - Township 141N Range 38W
WAH BE ZHANCE - Pine Point Township
WAH BE ZHESH - Township 141N Range 39W
WAH BISH KE BE TUNG - Pine Point Township
WAH BON AH QUOD - Sugar Bush Township
WAH BON AH QUOD - Township 141N Range 39W
WAH BOZE - Forest Township
WAH BUN UN NUNG OKE - White Earth Township
WAH GUD UBENCE - White Earth Township
WAH SAY GE SHIG - Pine Point Township
WAH SAY GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 38W
WAH SAY YAH - Maple Grove Township
WAH SAY YAH - White Earth Township
WAH WE AY CUMIG OKE - Pine Point Township
WAH WE YAY CUMIG - Forest Township
WAH WE YAY CUMIG O QUAY - Forest Township
WAH WE YAY GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 38W
WAH WE YAY GE SHIG O QUAY - Pine Point Township
WAHL, MARTIN - Atlanta Township
WAIN DE GO QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
WAIN DUB - Forest Township
WAIN JE MO QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
WAITE, DANIEL J. - Height of Land Township
WAITE, SIMON - Grand Park Township
WAKEFIELD, LIZZIE - White Earth Township
WALDORF, PETER - Two Inlets Township
WALKER, THOMAS B. - Carsonville Township
WALKER, JOSEPH - White Earth Township
WALKER, MARY - White Earth Township
WALKER, T. B. - Toad Lake Township
WALKER, THOMAS B. - Green Valley Township
WALKER, THOMAS B. - Shell Lake Township
WALKER, THOMAS B. - Toad Lake Township
WALKER, THOMAS B. - Wolf Lake Township
WALL, OSCAR S. - Lake Eunice Township
WALL, PHILANDER P. - Audubon Township
WALL, PHILANDER P. - Lake Eunice Township
WALSH, EDMUND E. - Savannah Township
WALTERS, MARY - Maple Grove Township
WALTERS, SHEPPARD - White Earth Township
WALTERS, WILLIAM - Maple Grove Township
WARK, MARGARET - Silver Leaf Township
WARREN, BERTHA - Spring Creek Township
WARREN, EDWARD C. - White Earth Township
WARREN, EDWARD L. - White Earth Township
WARREN, GEORGE - Callaway Township
WARREN, GEORGE - Riceville Township
WARREN, IDA - Callaway Township
WARREN, IDA - Riceville Township
WARREN, ISABELLE - Riceville Township
WARREN, JOHN - Riceville Township
WARREN, MARCELINE - White Earth Township
WARREN, MARY - Callaway Township
WARREN, SOPHIA - White Earth Township
WARREN, STELLA - Riceville Township
WARREN, WILLIE - Callaway Township
WARTER, MISCHEL - Silver Leaf Township
WATERMAN, W. F. - Lake View Township
WATERS, FRANKLIN - Cormorant Township
WATSON, JOHN - Richwood Township
WAUN ZO SIG - Township 141N Range 39W
WAY CHE CHOG AUSH KUNG - Township 141N Range 38W
WAY JON E ME GWON - Township 141N Range 39W
WAY JON E ME GWON, CHARLOTTE - Township 141N Range 38W
WAY ME CUNAH - Round Lake Township
WAY MISH O ME SING - Township 141N Range 39W
WAY WAUS UNG - Pine Point Township
WAY WAUS UNG - Pine Point Township
WAY WAUS UNG - Pine Point Township
WAY WAY ZHE O QUAY - Pine Point Township
WAY WAY ZHE O QUAY - Pine Point Township
WAY WAY ZHE O QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
WAY ZON WAUN GAY - Forest Township
WAY, HENRY - Audubon Township
WEAVER, WALLACE - Spring Creek Township
WEAVER, DAVID - White Earth Township
WEAVER, JOHNSON - Maple Grove Township
WEBSTER, DANIEL G. - Lake View Township
WEBSTER, JOSEPH C. - Maple Grove Township
WEBSTER, MAGGIE - Township 141N Range 39W
WEEK, MARTIN O. - Cuba Township
WEEKS, CLARENCE H. - Savannah Township
WEEKS, WILLIAM - Two Inlets Township
WEFERS, JAKOB - Height of Land Township
WEGAGER, HERMAN O. - Lake Park Township
WEHMAS, JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
WEIRAUCH, FERDINAND - Detroit Township
WEIS, CARL - Detroit Township
WEISTEN, OLE J. - Hamdan Township
WELCH, JOHN N. - Burlington Township
WERMUNSON, SIGBJORN - Cormorant Township
WESTERHOLM, ALBERT - Richwood Township
WESTERLUND, GUSTAF - Shell Lake Township
WESTON, WILLIAM F. - Burlington Township
WETTELS, GERHARD - Height of Land Township
WHAPLES, DANIEL W. - Height of Land Township
WHELAN, MARTIN - Erie Township
WHIPPLE, CHARLES - Holmesville Township
WHITE, WILLIAM - Maple Grove Township
WIEVEG, JOHN G. - Richwood Township
WIGER, ERIK N. - Atlanta Township
WIITALA, STEPHEN - Spruce Grove Township
WIKMAN, ANDERS - Spruce Grove Township
WILCOX, ALVIN H. - Osage Township
WILCOX, ALVIN H. - Detroit Township
WILCOX, ALVIN H. - Erie Township
WILCOX, ALVIN H. - Grand Park Township
WILCOX, ALVIN H. - Green Valley Township
WILCOX, CHARLES P. - Detroit Township
WILKE, AUGUST F. - Erie Township
WILKE, CARL E. - Erie Township
WILKINS, WALTER W. - Audubon Township
WILKINS, WALTER W. - Hamdan Township
WILKINS, WILLARD A. - Hamdan Township
WILLIAMSON, OLE - Walworth Township
WILLIMSHEN, DIEDRICH - Silver Leaf Township
WILLS, SOLOMON - Burlington Township
WILSEN, JOHN - Hamdan Township
WILSON, FRANK - Callaway Township
WILSON, FRANK - Riceville Township
WILSON, FRANK M. - Shell Lake Township
WILSON, FRED A. - Callaway Township
WILSON, FRED A. - Riceville Township
WILSON, JOHNSTON - Burlington Township
WILSON, MARIA - Callaway Township
WILSON, MARIA - Riceville Township
WILSON, PEDER - Hamdan Township
WINKLER, JOHN - Erie Township
WINSLOW, WILLIAM L. - Carsonville Township
WINSLOW, RICHARD S. - Burlington Township
WINSLOW, WILLIAM L. - Wolf Lake Township
WINTER, WILLIAM - Height of Land Township
WIRKKANEN, JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
WIRTANEN, JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
WISE, JOHN H. - Lake View Township
WITTER, HENRY F. - Carsonville Township
WOCATSCH, FRANZ - Evergreen Township
WOOD, CHARLES - Walworth Township
WOODS, FRANKLIN L. - Lake View Township
WRIGHT, EDWIN L. - Burlington Township
WRIGHT, ELIZA - White Earth Township
WRIGHT, GEORGE B. - Toad Lake Township
WRIGHT, JOHN G. - White Earth Township
WRIGHT, WILLIAM - Maple Grove Township
WUOR, WILLIAM - Shell Lake Township
WURST, WILLIAM - Toad Lake Township
YAWKEY, WILLIAM C. - Green Valley Township
YAWKEY, WILLIAM C. - Wolf Lake Township
YERGENS, FRANK - Lake Eunice Township
YLINIEMI, ISAK - Toad Lake Township
YLITALO, JACOB - Green Valley Township
YLITALO, NILS - Green Valley Township
YURT, JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
ZECH, ROBERT - Erie Township
ZELLER, JOHN W. - Silver Leaf Township
ZICK, JOHAN - Toad Lake Township
ZIMMERMAN, OTTO - Walworth Township
ZOZAY - Pine Point Township

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