Land Patent Holders
Becker County

The following is a list of individuals, with last names starting with A through F, who were issued pre-1908 homestead and cash entry land patents in Becker County, Minnesota obtained from the CD-ROM Minnesota Pre-1908 Homestead & Cash Entry Patents from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 7450 Boston Boulevard, Springfield, Virginia 22153.

Last names starting with:

If you would like more detailed information about any patentee, refer to Becker County Minnesota Look-ups.

AAS, HALVOR H. - Walworth Township
AASERUD, ANTON - Grand Park Township
ABBEY, JOSEPH H. - Height of Land Township
ABBOTT, EVERETT E. - Holmesville Township
ABELEIN, GEORGE - Burlington Township
ADAMS, ARDILLO C. - Green Valley Township
ADAMS, JOHN - Evergreen Township
AH BE JE GAH BOW E QUAY - Round Lake Township
AH BE JE GAH BOW EAK - Pine Point Township
AH BE JE GE SHIG O QUAY - Pine Point Township
AH BE JE GE SHIG O QUAY - Round Lake Township
AH BE JE GE SHIG O QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
AH BE TAH WAH CUMIG OKE - Pine Point Township
AH BE TAH WAY CUMIG UB - Pine Point Township
AH BE TAH WE NE NEE - Pine Point Township
AH BE TAH WISH KUD - Township 141N Range 38W
AH BE TAH WUSH KUD OONCE - Forest Township
AH BE TAH WUSH KUD OONCE - White Earth Township
AH BE TO ENE NEECE - Eagle View Township
AH BOW E GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 38W
AH BOW GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 38W
AH BWAY GWAN - Township 141N Range 38W
AH DIS - Township 141N Range 39W
AH GO AN DUM O QUAY - Pine Point Township
AH GOON GWIS - Round Lake Township
AH GWE TOW E GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 39W
AH JO DOW WE - Riceville Township
AH KAH KUNJ - Round Lake Township
AH KE WENZIE - Township 141N Range 39W
AH KEE WENZEE - Pine Point Township
AH NE ME KE BENAISE QUAY - Round Lake Township
AH NE SHE NAH BAY - Township 141N Range 39W
AH NUM EAY GAH BOW - Township 141N Range 39W
AH NUM EAYO SAY QUAY - Pine Point Township
AH NUME AY GAH BOW - Township 141N Range 38W
AH SAH WAINCE - Sugar Bush Township
AH SHE GAUNCE - Township 141N Range 39W
AH SHE GAUNCE, JULIA - Township 141N Range 39W
AH SHE GAUNCE, SUSAN - Township 141N Range 39W
AH SHE GUN - Pine Point Township
AH SIN E WAH BE QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
AH SUM AH GE WABE - Township 141N Range 38W
AH WAUS EENCE - Township 141N Range 38W
AH WOUN AH QUOD OKE - Round Lake Township
AH ZHAW EGE SHIG - Eagle View Township
AH ZHAW WAH CUMIG O QUAY - Maple Grove Township
AH ZHAW WASH - Township 141N Range 39W
AH ZHEE NE CAW ZOOD - Pine Point Township
AH ZHO WE AH CUMIG - Forest Township
AH ZHOW AUN AH QUOD - Pine Point Township
AH ZHOW AUN AH QUOD - Spring Creek Township
AH ZHOW WE GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 39W
AIN DUS E GE NE WE - Township 141N Range 39W
AIN DUS O GWON - Round Lake Township
AINCE, WILLIAM - Township 141N Range 38W
AINDUS O KE NIEW - Pine Point Township
AISH QUAY O SAY QUAY - Forest Township
AITKINS, KATE - Spring Creek Township
AITKINS, ANNA - Forest Township
AITKINS, ELLEN - Forest Township
AITKINS, GEORGE - Pine Point Township
AKREN, ALEX - Shell Lake Township
ALBRECHT, CARL - Toad Lake Township
ALEXANDER, CHARLES B. - Green Valley Township
ALEXANDER, EVELINE M. - Green Valley Township
ALEXANDER, HUGH - Green Valley Township
ALLEN, HENRY - Richwood Township
ALME, ANDREW T. - Walworth Township
ALME, PAUL T. - Walworth Township
ALME, THOR - Walworth Township
AMUNDSON, LOUISE M. - Cuba Township
AND USOGE SHIG O QUAY - Forest Township
ANDERSON, ANDREW - Richwood Township
ANDERSON, AUGUST - Holmesville Township
ANDERSON, AUGUST - Toad Lake Township
ANDERSON, BUCKLEY B. - Audubon Township
ANDERSON, CARL A. - Shell Lake Township
ANDERSON, CHARLES - Richwood Township
ANDERSON, CHRISTIAN - Audubon Township
ANDERSON, EDWARD - Height of Land Township
ANDERSON, ENGEBRET - Audubon Township
ANDERSON, ERICK - Richwood Township
ANDERSON, ERIK - Cuba Township
ANDERSON, ERIK - Hamdan Township
ANDERSON, HALVER - Cuba Township
ANDERSON, IVER - Cuba Township
ANDERSON, JAMES - Walworth Township
ANDERSON, JOHN - Cuba Township
ANDERSON, JOHN - Holmesville Township
ANDERSON, JOHN - Richwood Township
ANDERSON, JOHN - Shell Lake Township
ANDERSON, JOHN - Walworth Township
ANDERSON, JOHN E. - Holmesville Township
ANDERSON, JONATHAN - Cormorant Township
ANDERSON, JOSEPH F. - Callaway Township
ANDERSON, LIZZIE - Maple Grove Township
ANDERSON, LIZZIE - White Earth Township
ANDERSON, MARY - Maple Grove Township
ANDERSON, MATTI - Carsonville Township
ANDERSON, NELS - Hamdan Township
ANDERSON, OLOF - Lake Park Township
ANDERSON, PETER - Cormorant Township
ANDERSON, RICHARD B. - Burlington Township
ANDERSON, SUSAN - Maple Grove Township
ANDERSON, SUSAN - White Earth Township
ANDERSON, SWAN - Detroit Township
ANDREW, EDDIE - Pine Point Township
ANDREW, GEORGE - Pine Point Township
ANDREW, GEORGE P. - Pine Point Township
ANDREW, HARRY - Pine Point Township
ANDREW, WILLIE - Pine Point Township
ANFINDSON, OLE - Lake Park Township
ARNESON, BREDE - Audubon Township
ARONSON, ARON - Cuba Township
ARVIDSON, C. A. - Holmesville Township
ARVIDSON, CHARLES A. - Hamdan Township
ASH KIN OWE - Township 141N Range 39W
ASH, EFFIE L. - White Earth Township
ASH, FRANCIS - White Earth Township
ASH, MARY R. - White Earth Township
ASPEVIG, PETER O. - Atlanta Township
ASPINWALL, ANNIE C. - Township 141N Range 38W
ASPINWALL, BENJAMIN G. - Township 141N Range 38W
ASPINWALL, MARY - Pine Point Township
ASPINWALL, WILLIAM - Pine Point Township
ASPINWALL, WILLIAM - Township 141N Range 38W
AUGENSON, NERE - Richwood Township
AUN DO BUN E QUAY - Township 141N Range 39W
AUN DUB E TUNG - Pine Point Township
AURE, MARTINUS J. - Audubon Township
AY DAH WAH NUN IGO QUAY - Pine Point Township
AY DON WAH CUMIG O QUAY - Round Lake Township
AY DOW AH CUM IG O QUAY - Pine Point Township
AY DOWAH CUMIG O QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
AY E NUB - Eagle View Township
AY E ZHE O QUAY - White Earth Township
AY GA GE BENAIS - Pine Point Township
AY GO GE BE NAIS - Pine Point Township
AY GO GE BINAIS - Pine Point Township
AY GO JE BENAIS - Maple Grove Township
AY GOS E GWON AY AUSH - Forest Township
AY NAH NE WAY AUSH - Township 141N Range 38W
AY NE WAH CUM IG WABE - Pine Point Township
AY NE WAH CUM IG WABE - Round Lake Township
AY NE WAH NUH KISH KUNG - Sugar Bush Township
AY NE WAUSH EAK - Township 141N Range 38W
AY NE WAUSH EAK - Township 141N Range 39W
AY NE WE GAH BOW E QUAY - Forest Township
AY NE WE GWON AUSH EQUAY - Pine Point Township
AY ZHE NE CAH ZOOD - Round Lake Township
AY ZHO SO WAY - Forest Township
AYNDUS - Maple Grove Township
AYSH QUAINCE - Township 141N Range 38W
AYSH QUAY AUSH - Maple Grove Township
AYSH QUAY BE TUNG - Township 141N Range 38W
AYSH QUAY GWON ABE - Township 141N Range 38W
BAD BOY, ANGELINE - Township 141N Range 39W
BAKER, NEWELL - Grand Park Township
BAKER, EDWARD - Burlington Township
BAKKEN, ANDREA - Lake Park Township
BAKKEN, HANS J. - Cuba Township
BAKKILA, ABRAM - Carsonville Township
BAKKILA, HENRY - Wolf Lake Township
BALKE, JOHN J. - Atlanta Township
BALLARD, WILLIAM - Height of Land Township
BALM,JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
BANCROFT, MARCUS M. - Detroit Township
BANDIMERE, AUGUST - Toad Lake Township
BAPTISTE - Forest Township
BARDSLEY, JOHN BARDWELL, TRACY - Height of Land Township
BARLUND, JOHN - Shell Lake Township
BARNARD, JAMES H. - Savannah Township
BARNARD, JESSE A. - Carsonville Township
BARNES, FRANCIS - Detroit Township
BARREL, FRANK - Riceville Township
BARREL, DELIA - Callaway Township
BARREL, FREDERICK A. - Callaway Township
BARREL, ROSINA - Callaway Township
BARRYLA, FREDERICK - Spruce Grove Township
BARTEL, JULIUS - Toad Lake Township
BARTELS, HENRY - Height of Land Township
BARTZ, LUDWIG - Height of Land Township
BASSETT, JAMES - Pine Point Township
BATEMAN, WILLIAM H. - Osage Township
BATES, JOHN - Burlington Township
BATSI, MATTI - Spruce Grove Township
BATT, ALLAXE - Burlington Township
BAUMGART, CARL - Evergreen Township
BAY BAH AUN SE GAY - Round Lake Township
BAY BAH AW UN - Pine Point Township
BAY BAH DAUNG AY AUSH - Round Lake Township
BAY BAH MAH GE WABE - Pine Point Township
BAY BAH MAH GE WABE, JOSEPH - Township 141N Range 39W
BAY BAH UB - White Earth Township
BAY BAH UB E TUNG - Township 141N Range 38W
BAY BAUM - Round Lake Township
BAY TAH O WUB E QUAY - Maple Grove Township
BE KO JEENCE - Maple Grove Township
BE ME WAY GAHN - Township 141N Range 38W
BEACH, ARTHUR A. - Lake View Township
BEAR, JOE - Maple Grove Township
BEAULIEU, CLARENCE R. - Spring Creek Township
BEAULIEU, CLEMENT H. - Spring Creek Township
BEAULIEU, FLORENCE E. - Spring Creek Township
BEAULIEU, FRANCIS D. - Spring Creek Township
BEAULIEU, ANNIE - Riceville Township
BEAULIEU, B. H. - Maple Grove Township
BEAULIEU, B. H. - White Earth Township
BEAULIEU, CHARLES H. - Riceville Township
BEAULIEU, ELLA M. - Callaway Township
BEAULIEU, ELLA M. - Maple Grove Township
BEAULIEU, JOHN - White Earth Township
BEAULIEU, JOHN C. - Callaway Township
BEAULIEU, JOSEPH - White Earth Township
BEAULIEU, JULIUS E. - Callaway Township
BEAULIEU, PAUL H. - Callaway Township
BEAULIEU, RICHARD L. - Riceville Township
BEAULIEU, ROBERT L. - Riceville Township
BEAULIEU, ROBERT W. - Callaway Township
BEAULIEU, THEODORE H. - White Earth Township
BEAULIEU, TRUMAN - Callaway Township
BEAUPRE, NANCY - White Earth Township
BEAUPRE, SOPHIA - White Earth Township
BEAUPRE, SOPHIA - Maple Grove Township
BEAVER, ANUN - Audubon Township
BEAVER, GURINE M. - Hamdan Township
BEAVER, HALVER M. - Cuba Township
BEAVER, MARTIN O. - Hamdan Township
BEAVER, OLAVUS - Hamdan Township
BECK, OTTO - Detroit Township
BEDELL, FRANCIS J. - Evergreen Township
BEHNKE, JOHANN - Erie Township
BEIMLER, JOHN - Erie Township
BELKNAP, EBENEZER L. - Lake Eunice Township
BELLAND, FRANK - Riceville Township
BELLAND, MARGERITTE - Callaway Township
BELLANGER, ANGELINE - Spring Creek Township
BELLANGER, ANNIE - Spring Creek Township
BELLANGER, CHARLES - Spring Creek Township
BELLANGER, JOSEPH - Spring Creek Township
BELLANGER, PHILOMEN - Spring Creek Township
BELLANGER, SOPHIA - Spring Creek Township
BELLANGER, ANNIE - Township 141N Range 39W
BELLANGER, CAROLINE - Township 141N Range 39W
BELLANGER, CATHERINE - Township 141N Range 39W
BELLANGER, CHARLEY - Pine Point Township
BELLANGER, CHARLOTTE - Pine Point Township
BELLANGER, CHARLOTTE - White Earth Township
BELLANGER, DAVID - Pine Point Township
BELLANGER, DAVID A. - Forest Township
BELLANGER, GEORGE - White Earth Township
BELLANGER, HENRY T. - Township 141N Range 39W
BELLANGER, HENRY W. - White Earth Township
BELLANGER, JOHN - Township 141N Range 38W
BELLANGER, JOSEPH - Pine Point Township
BELLANGER, JOSEPH - White Earth Township
BELLANGER, LUCY - Maple Grove Township
BELLANGER, LUCY - White Earth Township
BELLANGER, MARGARET - Pine Point Township
BELLANGER, MELINE - Sugar Bush Township
BELLANGER, NANCY - Township 141N Range 38W
BELLANGER, NANCY - Township 141N Range 39W
BELLANGER, PAUL - Sugar Bush Township
BELLANGER, PAUL - White Earth Township
BELLANGER, WILLIAM - Sugar Bush Township
BELLECOURT, CLARANCE - White Earth Township
BELLECOURT, EMMA - Sugar Bush Township
BELLECOURT, EUSTACHE - White Earth Township
BELLECOURT, ISABELLE - White Earth Township
BELLECOURT, JOSETTE - White Earth Township
BELLECOURT, LEOLE - Maple Grove Township
BELLECOURT, PETER - Maple Grove Township
BELLEFEUILLE, EUZEBE - Spring Creek Township
BELLEFEUILLE, ADA - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, ADELORE - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, ADRIEN - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, AGNES - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, AMELIA - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, ANNA - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, CLARA - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, ELBINA - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, ELLA L. - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, EMMA - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, EUCHARE - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, EUGENE - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, EUZEBE - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, GEORGE - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, JOHN - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, JOSEPH - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, JOSEPH - Sugar Bush Township
BELLEFEUILLE, JULIA - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, LENA - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, LENNA - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, LEON - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, LEON - Sugar Bush Township
BELLEFEUILLE, MART E. - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, MARY J. - Callaway Township
BELLEFEUILLE, OLIVE - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, PHILLIP - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, ROSE - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, SARAH - Riceville Township
BELLEFEUILLE, SOPHIA - Callaway Township
BEMENT, MARY - Callaway Township
BENJAMIN - Township 141N Range 38W
BENOIST, ANTOINE - Township 141N Range 39W
BENOIST, MARY - Township 141N Range 39W
BENSON, LOUIS - Holmesville Township
BENSON, OLE - Walworth Township
BERG, EMBRET O. - Atlanta Township
BERG, JOHN O. - Atlanta Township
BERG, PEDER P. - Walworth Township
BERGER, BAPTISTE - Silver Leaf Township
BERGER, JOHN B. - Silver Leaf Township
BERGERSON, BRUNT O. - Cuba Township
BERGET, HANS P. - Walworth Township
BERGREN, JAN - Atlanta Township
BERLAND, BERTHA O. - Lake Park Township
BERNSON, ANDREW - Detroit Township
BERTRAM, ANN E. - Erie Township
BESTICK, JAMES T. - Erie Township
BEVERAGE, DAVID - Audubon Township
BIG BEAR, JOSEPH - Township 141N Range 39W
BIG BEAR, PETER - Sugar Bush Township
BIG BEAR, PETER - White Earth Township
BIG BEAR, WILLIAM - Township 141N Range 39W
BILL, WARD W. - Hamdan Township
BISSON, ANTOINE - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, CARRIE - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, EMANUEL - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, FRANKLIN S. - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, IRVING - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, LOUISA C. - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, MARTIN - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, MATILDA - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, RACHAEL - Spring Creek Township
BISSON, ALFRED - White Earth Township
BISSON, ANTOINE - White Earth Township
BISSON, ANTOINE E. - Riceville Township
BISSON, ARTHUR - Riceville Township
BISSON, EDNA - Riceville Township
BISSON, EDWARD - Sugar Bush Township
BISSON, EDWARD - White Earth Township
BISSON, ELIZABETH - Riceville Township
BISSON, EMMA - Riceville Township
BISSON, ERNEST - Riceville Township
BISSON, EUGENIE D. - Riceville Township
BISSON, FELIX - Callaway Township
BISSON, GENOR - Sugar Bush Township
BISSON, GENOR - White Earth Township
BISSON, HOMER - Riceville Township
BISSON, JANE E. - Riceville Township
BISSON, LAURA - Maple Grove Township
BISSON, LENA - Riceville Township
BISSON, MARGARET - White Earth Township
BISSON, MARTIN - Callaway Township
BISSON, MARY - Riceville Township
BISSON, MARY A. - Riceville Township
BISSON, OLIVE E. - Riceville Township
BISSON, PAUL - Riceville Township
BISSON, ROSE - Riceville Township
BISSON, ROSE A. - White Earth Township
BISSON, SARAH - Riceville Township
BISSON, THEODORE - Riceville Township
BISSON, WILLIE - Riceville Township
BITTMAN, BARNEY - Two Inlets Township
BITTMAN, FRANK - Two Inlets Township
BITTMAN, JOHN - Two Inlets Township
BITTMANN, HENRY - Two Inlets Township
BITTMANN, HERMANN - Two Inlets Township
BITTMANN, THEODORE - Two Inlets Township
BJORGE, ERICK O. - Lake Park Township
BJORGE, PETER E. - Walworth Township
BJORKKEL, ANDREW - Green Valley Township
BJORNSTAD, MICHAEL J. - Lake Park Township
BJORNSTAD, OLAUS - Lake Park Township
BLAD, AXEL F. - Shell Lake Township
BLAIR, BAPTISTE - Callaway Township
BLAIR, EDWARD - Callaway Township
BLAIR, EDWARD - Sugar Bush Township
BLAIR, JANE - Sugar Bush Township
BLAIR, LIZETTE - Riceville Township
BLAIR, PETER - Callaway Township
BLAIR, SUSAN - Callaway Township
BLAKE, WILLIAM - Lake Eunice Township
BLANCHARD, ALFRED T. - Spruce Grove Township
BLAUERT, AUGUST - Height of Land Township
BLUE, ANGELINE - Callaway Township
BLUE, ANNIE - Sugar Bush Township
BLUE, CHARLES - Callaway Township
BLUE, ELVINA - Sugar Bush Township
BLUE, ELVINA - Township 141N Range 39W
BLUE, JENNIE - Sugar Bush Township
BLUE, LOUIS - Township 141N Range 39W
BLUE, MAGGIE - Sugar Bush Township
BLUE, MARY - Sugar Bush Township
BLUE, MOSES - Sugar Bush Township
BLUE, SAMUEL - Callaway Township
BLUE, SARAH - Sugar Bush Township
BLUE, STEPHEN - Sugar Bush Township
BLUM, MATHIAS - Silver Leaf Township
BLYBERG, CARL - Richwood Township
BOE, KNUTE S. - Cormorant Township
BOE, SJUR K. - Cormorant Township
BOHNE, EWALD - Evergreen Township
BOIE, PETER O. - Hamdan Township
BOLL, FREDERICK - Burlington Township
BOLL, RUDOLPH A. - Silver Leaf Township
BOLLES, WILLIAM W. - Erie Township
BONAN, FRED - Evergreen Township
BONGA, CHARLES - Pine Point Township
BONGA, GEORGE - Township 141N Range 39W
BONGA, HENRY - Pine Point Township
BONGA, JOHN - Pine Point Township
BONGA, JOSEPH - Township 141N Range 38W
BONGA, NANCY - Township 141N Range 38W
BONGA, PETER - Pine Point Township
BONGA, ROBERT - Riceville Township
BONGA, WILLIAM - Township 141N Range 38W
BORRILSON, TOLLAG - Cormorant Township
BOTTINEAU, MARIE - Sugar Bush Township
BOUDREAU, JOSEPH - Spring Creek Township
BOUGHTON, AUSTIN - Green Valley Township
BOUTWELL, ISABEL - Spring Creek Township
BOUTWELL, SIDNEY A. - Spring Creek Township
BOYE, RASMUS - Audubon Township
BRACKETT, GEORGE L. - Lake Eunice Township
BRAGER, ANNA C. - Shell Lake Township
BRANCHAUD, ARCHANGE - Callaway Township
BRANCHAUD, WILLIAM - Callaway Township
BRANDSER, HANS - Hamdan Township
BRANDT, L. C. - Cormorant Township
BRATLEY, CHRISTIAN A. - Holmesville Township
BRATRUD, ANDRIAS O. - Grand Park Township
BRAUN, AUGUST C. - Evergreen Township
BRAY, EUGENIE - Spring Creek Township
BRAY, MARY S. - Spring Creek Township
BREIDER, KNUT J. - Green Valley Township
BREKKE, JOHN J. - Atlanta Township
BREKKE, MARTIN J. - Atlanta Township
BREMER, CHARLES - Erie Township
BRENDEN, AMUND A. - Holmesville Township
BRENER, JOHN J. - Green Valley Township
BRESSLER, GOTTLIEB - Evergreen Township
BREUNIG, ANTON - Savannah Township
BRIGGS, PETER R. - Burlington Township
BRIGHAM, CLARA J. - Richwood Township
BRIGHAM, EDMUND - Burlington Township
BRIGHAM, JAMES - Burlington Township
BRIGHAM, SIDNEY - Richwood Township
BRINK, LOUIS - Burlington Township
BRINKMANN, JOHN T. - Two Inlets Township
BRISBOIS, ISABELLA - Maple Grove Township
BRISBOIS, OLIVE - White Earth Township
BRISBOIS, PETER - Maple Grove Township
BRITT, GEORGE W. - Lake Eunice Township
BROAD, JOE - Callaway Township
BROAD, JOSETTE - Callaway Township
BROADSON, OLE - Audubon Township
BROBERG, BENGT S. - Lake Eunice Township
BROBERG, OLE - Lake Eunice Township
BROKER, FRANK - Pine Point Township
BROKER, FREDERICK C. - Pine Point Township
BROKER, JOHN - Pine Point Township
BROKER, JOSEPH - Pine Point Township
BROKER, MARY A. - Pine Point Township
BROKER, MINNIE - Pine Point Township
BROVOLD, ANDREAS O. - Atlanta Township
BROVOLD, OLIA - Atlanta Township
BROWN, CARRIE - Spring Creek Township
BROWN, SOPHIA - Spring Creek Township
BROWN, CHARLES E. - Erie Township
BROWN, DAN - Eagle View Township
BROWN, FRANCIS G. - Erie Township
BROWN, GEORGE - Spruce Grove Township
BROWN, JAMES W. - Lake View Township
BROWN, JOHN - Maple Grove Township
BROWN, JOHN - White Earth Township
BROWN, PHEBE - White Earth Township
BROWN, SOPHIA - Maple Grove Township
BROWN, W. K. - White Earth Township
BRUNETTE, ANGELINE - Riceville Township
BRUNETTE, ANGELINE - Round Lake Township
BRUNETTE, ANGELIQUE - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, BENJAMIN - Sugar Bush Township
BRUNETTE, CHARLES - Riceville Township
BRUNETTE, CHARLES - Sugar Bush Township
BRUNETTE, EDWARD - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, EVA A. - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, EVA A. - Riceville Township
BRUNETTE, FRANK - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, FRANK - Riceville Township
BRUNETTE, GEORGE - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, GEORGE - Sugar Bush Township
BRUNETTE, JAMES - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, JOHN - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, JOSEPH - Riceville Township
BRUNETTE, JOSEPH A. - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, JOSEPHINE - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, LIZETTE - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, LIZZIE - Sugar Bush Township
BRUNETTE, LOUIS - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, MARY - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, MARY - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, PETER - Pine Point Township
BRUNETTE, ROBERT - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, ROSALIE - Sugar Bush Township
BRUNETTE, SADIE - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, SOPHIA - Riceville Township
BRUNETTE, WILLIAM - Callaway Township
BRUNETTE, WILLIAM - Riceville Township
BRYNGELSON, ANDREW P. - Richwood Township
BUCHANAN, ROBERT - Burlington Township
BUCK, CHARLES G. - Detroit Township
BUDEESE - Township 141N Range 38W
BUEL, GEORGE W. - Silver Leaf Township
BULLOCK, CYRUS E. - Carsonville Township
BUNSE, LUDWIG - Silver Leaf Township
BURCH, CARY R. - Green Valley Township
BURDICK, JACKSON - Audubon Township
BURK, JOHN - Burlington Township
BURLINGAME, ALONZO C. - Savannah Township
BURROWS, GEORGE W. - Detroit Township
CAHLIN, ADOLPH F. - Hamdan Township
CALANDER, PETER - Wolf Lake Township
CALSON, MANGNUS - Cuba Township
CAMPBELL, LEON R. - Spring Creek Township
CAMPBELL, COLIN - Pine Point Township
CAMPBELL, DONA - Riceville Township
CAMPBELL, DUGALD - Cormorant Township
CAMPBELL, EARL F. - Callaway Township
CAMPBELL, GEORGE - Callaway Township
CAMPBELL, MARY - Callaway Township
CAMPBELL, MARY - Pine Point Township
CAMPBELL, NANCY - Callaway Township
CAMPBELL, ROBERT - White Earth Township
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM F. - Riceville Township
CARLETON, JAMES C. - Grand Park Township
CARLSON, ANDERS - Grand Park Township
CARLSON, CARL - Audubon Township
CARLSON, CHARLES L. - Grand Park Township
CARLSON, FRANK - Cuba Township
CARLSON, JOHN A. - Grand Park Township
CARSON, GEORGE M. - Osage Township
CASEY, MARGARET - Riceville Township
CASWELL, CHRISTINE - Maple Grove Township
CASWELL, EVANGELINE - Maple Grove Township
CASWELL, JANE - Maple Grove Township
CASWELL, LIZZIE M. - Maple Grove Township
CASWELL, LIZZIE M. - White Earth Township
CASWELL, SOPHIA - Maple Grove Township
CATHERINE - Township 141N Range 38W
CAUS CO DAY QUAY - Pine Point Township
CAYE, EMERY A. - Erie Township
CAYE, MOSES - Erie Township
CHAMBERLAIN, MARIA - Lake Park Township
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM H. - Lake Park Township
CHAPIN, FRANK B. - Detroit Township
CHAPMAN, JOHN - Height of Land Township
CHARETTE, CHARLOTTE - Spring Creek Township
CHARETTE, GEORGE H. - Spring Creek Township
CHARETTE, CHARLOTTE - White Earth Township
CHARETTE, EMMA - Maple Grove Township
CHARETTE, GEORGE - White Earth Township
CHARETTE, JOSEPH - White Earth Township
CHARETTE, SAMUEL - Maple Grove Township
CHE BID WAY - Township 141N Range 39W
CHEENG WAH CUMIG UB EAK - Pine Point Township
CHERRY, ALEXANDER - Lake Eunice Township
CHILDS, SAMUEL B. - Detroit Township
CHILTON, JAMES - Burlington Township
CHILTON, JOHN - Burlington Township
CHILTON, TIMOTHY - Burlington Township
CHIN GO GWON - Township 141N Range 38W
CHINGO - Forest Township
CHINGO GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 39W
CHINGO GWON A BEAK - Spring Creek Township
CHOUNARD, JOSEPH - White Earth Township
CHRISTENSON, IVER - Richwood Township
CHRISTENSON, JENS - Toad Lake Township
CHRISTENSON, LARS C. - Toad Lake Township
CHRISTIANSEN, NILS - Richwood Township
CHRISTISON, TOLAND M. - Two Inlets Township
CHRISTISON, WILLIAM - Two Inlets Township
CHUNG WAY WE DUNG - Pine Point Township
CHURCHILL, CHARLES E. - Burlington Township
CLARK, NEHEMIAH P. - Carsonville Township
CLARK, NEHEMIAH P. - Toad Lake Township
CLARKE, N. P. - Silver Leaf Township
CLARKE, N. P. - Toad Lake Township
CLARKE, N. P. - Wolf Lake Township
CLASON, DEWITT - Carsonville Township
CLEMENT, CHARLES A. - Lake View Township
CLEMENTS, CHARLES W. - Two Inlets Township
CLEMONS, JOSEPH - Osage Township
CLIFFORD, ALFRED H. - Spruce Grove Township
CLIFFORD, CHARLES C. - Spruce Grove Township
CLYDE, WILLIAM J. - Holmesville Township
COBB, ALBERT R. - Grand Park Township
COBORN, ANDREW S. - Lake View Township
COFFIN, MERRILL L. - Burlington Township
COGGER, CHARLES - Callaway Township
COGGER, CHARLES - Sugar Bush Township
COGGER, DAVID - Sugar Bush Township
COGGER, EDWARD - Riceville Township
COGGER, ELLEN - Sugar Bush Township
COGGER, JOSEPH - Sugar Bush Township
COGGER, MAGGIE - Sugar Bush Township
COGGER, MARGARET - Callaway Township
COGGER, MARY - Callaway Township
COGGER, MOSES - Sugar Bush Township
COGGER, SARAH - Sugar Bush Township
COGGER, SARAH J. - Callaway Township
COGGER, SUSAN - Riceville Township
COGGER, WILLIAM - Sugar Bush Township
COLBURNE, MARGARET - Spring Creek Township
COLBY, WILLIAM - Erie Township
COLD, HANS O. - Cuba Township
COLE, GEORGE - Green Valley Township
COLE, LEWIS G. - Green Valley Township
COLE, NOBLE - Carsonville Township
COLE, ROYAL C. - Green Valley Township
COLEMAN, FREDERICK - Pine Point Township
COLEMAN, JOHN - Pine Point Township
COLEMAN, JOHN - Two Inlets Township
COLEMAN, JOHN - White Earth Township
COLEMAN, MARY - Eagle View Township
COLEMAN, STEPHEN - Township 141N Range 39W
COLLETT, RICHARD W. - Evergreen Township
COLLINS, HONORAH - Detroit Township
COLLINS, IRVING J. - Burlington Township
COLLINS, LUKE - Richwood Township
COMAFORD, JULIUS M. - Richwood Township
COMBS, MARK - Lake View Township
CONNELL, JOHN H. - Richwood Township
CONVERSE, MYLA S. - Lake Eunice Township
COOL, BENJAMIN H. - Two Inlets Township
COONE, WILLIAM J. - Richwood Township
CORBETT, THOMAS L. - Lake View Township
COSBY, ISAAC N. - Lake View Township
COSSETTE, GEORGE - Riceville Township
COSSETTE, JOHN - Riceville Township
COSSETTE, JOSEPHINE - Riceville Township
COSSETTE, JOSEPHINE - Sugar Bush Township
COY, HENRY - Osage Township
CRAVATH, LEWELLYN - Hamdan Township
CRAVATH, LEWELLYN S. - Audubon Township
CRAVATH, LEWELLYN S. - Hamdan Township
CRAW, NATHAN S. - Osage Township
CRAWFORD, THOMAS W. - Burlington Township
CROMB, JOHN - Lake Park Township
CROSSMAN, GUY R. - Green Valley Township
CROWELL, HARRY R. - Shell Lake Township
CROWELL, HIRAM C. - Shell Lake Township
CROWL, JOHN F. - Hamdan Township
CRUMMETT, JOHN O. - Detroit Township
CRUMMETT, JOHN O. - Hamdan Township
CUNNINGHAM, SAPHRONIA A. - Spruce Grove Township
CURRIER, SELDEN B. - Lake Eunice Township
CZARNETZKY, AUGUST - Toad Lake Township
DAHL, OLE A. - Grand Park Township
DAHL, OLE A. - Holmesville Township
DAHLY, HARALD H. - Atlanta Township
DAHLY, JOHN H. - Atlanta Township
DAKOTAH, LOUIS - Riceville Township
DAKOTAH, SARAH - Callaway Township
DALBY, OLIA O. - Cuba Township
DALEN, SAMUEL H. - Hamdan Township
DALEY, JOHN W. - Cormorant Township
DANIELSON, ANDREW - Lake Eunice Township
DANIELSON, ANDREW - Lake View Township
DANIELSON, ANNA S. - Audubon Township
DANIELSON, CARL O. - Lake Park Township
DANIELSON, DANIEL - Holmesville Township
DANIELSON, EDWIN - Lake Park Township
DANIELSON, ELIAS - Cuba Township
DANIELSON, GUSTAVE - Audubon Township
DANIELSON, LARS - Cormorant Township
DANIELSON, OLE - Audubon Township
DAUBENSPECK, MATHIAS - Height of Land Township
DAUBENSPECK, WILHELM - Height of Land Township
DAVIDSON, ISAAC J. - Shell Lake Township
DAVIS, ANDREW N. - Grand Park Township
DAVIS, CATHERINE - Detroit Township
DAVIS, GEORGE W. - Burlington Township
DAVIS, JOHN - Burlington Township
DAVIS, JOHN J. - Height of Land Township
DAVIS, JOHN S. - Hamdan Township
DAVIS, OLE - Hamdan Township
DAY DODGE - Round Lake Township
DAY DODGE - Township 141N Range 39W
DAY, CALVIN K. - Detroit Township
DE KAINCE ISH - Pine Point Township
DEAN, WASHINGTON - Holmesville Township
DEIERHOE, HANS - Richwood Township
DEJARDON, JOHN - Round Lake Township
DELANEY, NANCY - Lake Park Township
DELEZENE, JOHN A. - Savannah Township
DEMARS, REILEY - Spring Creek Township
DEVEREAUX, GEORGE T. - Two Inlets Township
DEVEREAUX, JENNIE - Two Inlets Township
DEVEREAUX, MARQUIS L. - Lake Park Township
DEXTER, SAMUEL B. - Lake View Township
DEZELL, JAMES - Carsonville Township
DICKMANN, JOHANN A. - Savannah Township
DISCH, MARKUS - Green Valley Township
DISSE, FRIE - Erie Township
DISSE, MARY - Erie Township
DIXON, EMMA - Sugar Bush Township
DIXON, WASHINGTON S. - Lake Park Township
DOCTOR, JAMES C. - Hamdan Township
DOHERTY, THOMAS - Richwood Township
DOKKEN, JORGEN O. - Cuba Township
DOKKEN, OLE O. - Cuba Township
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY - Two Inlets Township
DORAN, CHARLES - Shell Lake Township
DORAN, JOSEPH W. - Shell Lake Township
DORAN, TYREE - Shell Lake Township
DORMANN, GEORGE - Holmesville Township
DORNBUSCH, JURGEN - Spruce Grove Township
DORSEY, PAUL S. - Two Inlets Township
DOUCETTE, ALEXANDER - Maple Grove Township
DOUCETTE, ALEXANDER - Sugar Bush Township
DOUCETTE, ALEXANDER - Township 141N Range 39W
DOUCETTE, ALMA - Riceville Township
DOUCETTE, ANTOINE - Riceville Township
DOUCETTE, BAPTISTE - Sugar Bush Township
DOUCETTE, EARL - Riceville Township
DOUCETTE, FELIA - Riceville Township
DOUCETTE, FELIA - Sugar Bush Township
DOUCETTE, FRANCES - Sugar Bush Township
DOUCETTE, JOSEPH L. - Riceville Township
DOUCETTE, LENA - Riceville Township
DOUCETTE, LOUIS - Sugar Bush Township
DOUCETTE, PETER - Callaway Township
DOUCETTE, WILLIAM - Sugar Bush Township
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM - Township 141N Range 38W
DOW, ROSCOE - Burlington Township
DOWNER, BELLE - Osage Township
DREWES, CHRISTIAN F. - Toad Lake Township
DREWES, HENRY - Toad Lake Township
DUCETTE, MAGGIE - Sugar Bush Township
DUFORD, FRANK - Sugar Bush Township
DUFORD, SOPHIA - Sugar Bush Township
DUGAN, PATRICK - Lake View Township
DUNNELL, EDWARD - White Earth Township
DUNNELL, ANTOINE - White Earth Township
DUNNELL, GEORGE - White Earth Township
DUNNELL, GERTIE C. - White Earth Township
DUNNELL, LEOVA - White Earth Township
DUNNELL, MARY - Sugar Bush Township
DUNNELL, MARY - White Earth Township
DUNNELL, MARY P. - White Earth Township
DUNTON, FREDERICK W. - Osage Township
DYNES, JOHN - Savannah Township
DYNES, JOHN W. - Wolf Lake Township
DYNES, OLIVER - Two Inlets Township
E NE WE ZAIN - Maple Grove Township
EARNST, CHARLES F. - Green Valley Township
EASTMAN, HARRIS - Height of Land Township
EASTMAN, WILLARD F. - Grand Park Township
EBELTOFT, HANS - Audubon Township
EBERT, MAGGIE - Riceville Township
EBERT, THERESE - Riceville Township
ECKLAND, LARS - Lake View Township
ECKMAN, OLA N. - Shell Lake Township
EDLICH, GOTTLIEB - Osage Township
EDLICH, LIZZY T. - Osage Township
EGGERS, FRED - Height of Land Township
EGGERS, HENRY - Height of Land Township
EIDET, PEDER N. - Atlanta Township
EK, JOHN S. - Richwood Township
EKOONCE - Spring Creek Township
EKOONCE - Township 141N Range 38W
ELLINGSON, PETER - Hamdan Township
ELTON, NELS N. - Audubon Township
EMILY - Forest Township
EMMELUTH,CHARLES - Lake View Township
ENE NEE - Pine Point Township
ENGBERG, JOHN P. - Richwood Township
ENGBERG, PAR E. - Richwood Township
ENGEBRETSON, LUDVIG G. - Atlanta Township
ENGLISH, MARY W. - Spring Creek Township
ENIM WAY QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
ENTGELMEIER, JOHN - Spruce Grove Township
EQAUY WAY YAUN - Sugar Bush Township
EQUAIN BIZ - Township 141N Range 38W
EQUAIN BIZ - Township 141N Range 39W
EQUAY - Township 141N Range 39W
EQUAY MUCK - Pine Point Township
EQUAY MUCK - White Earth Township
EQUAY WE SHISH - Forest Township
EQUAY WISH ISH - Pine Point Township
EQUAY ZAINCE - Pine Point Township
EQUAY ZAINCE - Riceville Township
EQUAY ZAINCE - Round Lake Township
EQUAY ZAINCE - Township 141N Range 38W
EQUAY ZAINCE - Township 141N Range 39W
EQUAY ZAINCE - White Earth Township
EQUAY ZAINCE ISH - Township 141N Range 38W
EQUAY ZAINCE SHISH - Forest Township
EQUAY ZANICE - Township 141N Range 39W
ERDMAN, ADAM - Evergreen Township
EREKSON, ANDREW - Cormorant Township
ERICKSEN, GUSTOF - Audubon Township
ERICKSON, ALFRED - Holmesville Township
ERICKSON, ANDREAS - Richwood Township
ERICKSON, ANDREW - Hamdan Township
ERICKSON, ANDREW P. - Detroit Township
ERICKSON, ERICK - Lake Park Township
ERICKSON, HERMAN - Spruce Grove Township
ERICKSON, INGRI - Hamdan Township
ERICKSON, JONAS - Lake Park Township
ERICKSON, LOUIS - Cormorant Township
ERICKSON, MICKEL - Shell Lake Township
ERICKSON, NICHOLAS - Richwood Township
ERICKSON, NILS - Cormorant Township
ERICKSON, NILS - Holmesville Township
ERICKSON, OLE - Lake Park Township
ERICKSON, OLOF A. - Holmesville Township
ERIKSON, ERIK - Lake Park Township
ERNST, ADOLF - Silver Leaf Township
ESSER, HENRY - Two Inlets Township
ESSER, RUDOLPH - Two Inlets Township
ESTABROOKS, GEORGE K. - Osage Township
ESWIEN, ERNSTENA - Evergreen Township
EVA SHAY DAY - White Earth Township
EVANS, EDWARD - Carsonville Township
EVANS, EDWARD - Grand Park Township
EVANS, JOHN M. - Atlanta Township
EVENSEN, EBERHART - Toad Lake Township
EVENSON, IVER - Richwood Township
EVENSON, RIKAR - Richwood Township
EVERSON, KARI - Spruce Grove Township
FAGERLI, JACOB O. - Audubon Township
FAGERLIE, GUTTORM O. - Audubon Township
FAIRBANKS, ALBERT - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, ALICE - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, ARTHUR - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, BIRMAN P. - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, CHARLES - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, DUDLEY E. - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, EDWARD J. - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, EMMA - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, FREEMAN - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, GEORGE W. - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, HAYES - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, HENRY - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, JOSEPHINE - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, MARGARETTE - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, MARIA A. - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, SHERMAN - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, SOPHIA C. - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, WILLIS A. - Spring Creek Township
FAIRBANKS, ALASIA - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, ALBERT - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, ALEX J. - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, ALICE - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, ANNIE - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, BENJAMIN - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, BENJAMIN L. - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, BENJAMIN R. - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, CATHARINE - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, CATHARINE - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, CATHERINE J. - Round Lake Township
FAIRBANKS, CHARLES - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, CLEMENT G. - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, ELLEN S. - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, EMMA L. - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, GEORGE - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, GEORGE A. - White Earth Township
FAIRBANKS, HENRY P. - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, IDA S. - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, IDA S. - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, JOHN - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, JOHN - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, JOHN G. - White Earth Township
FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, JULIA E. - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, JULIE - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, LINDA - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, LIZZIE - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, MADELINE - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, MAGGIE - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, MAGGIE - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, MARGARET - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, MARY - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, PAUL - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, PAUL W. - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, ROBERT - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, ROBERT D. - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, ROBERT J. - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, ROBERT P. - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, SARAH - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, SARAH - Township 141N Range 39W
FAIRBANKS, SHERMAN - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, SUSAN - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, THOMAS J. - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, TRUMAN - Sugar Bush Township
FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM E. - Riceville Township
FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM N. - Callaway Township
FAIRBANKS, ZOE - Callaway Township
FARR, ALMA A. - Erie Township
FICHTNER, JOHN - Height of Land Township
FINEDAY, LOUISA - Forest Township
FINGALSON, FINGAL - Richwood Township
FINN, HENRY - Toad Lake Township
FINROW, CHRISTIAN H. - Walworth Township
FINROW, HERBERT H. - Atlanta Township
FISCHER, HERMAN - Silver Leaf Township
FISCHER, PETER - Erie Township
FISCHER, WILLIAM - Erie Township
FISH, HARVLIN - Lake Eunice Township
FISH, MARTHA J. - Lake Eunice Township
FITSCH, ISAIAH - Silver Leaf Township
FLOTTEN, OLE J. - Atlanta Township
FOGG, ALONZO - Lake Eunice Township
FOSS, FREDERICK - Lake View Township
FOSTER, ARTHUR J. - Riceville Township
FOSTER, BETSY - Riceville Township
FOSTER, CHARLES - Callaway Township
FOSTER, CHARLES - Sugar Bush Township
FOSTER, HELLEN - Riceville Township
FOSTER, JOSEPH - Callaway Township
FOSTER, JOSETTE - Sugar Bush Township
FOSTER, WILLIAM - Township 141N Range 39W
FOX, GEORGE - Riceville Township
FOX, STEPHEN - Riceville Township
FRAZEE, R. L. - Erie Township
FRAZEE, R. L. - Evergreen Township
FRAZEE, R. L. - Height of Land Township
FRAZEE, RANDOLPH L. - Burlington Township
FRAZEE, RANDOLPH L. - Grand Park Township
FRAZEE, RANDOLPH L. - Height of Land Township
FRAZEE, RANDOLPH L. - Toad Lake Township
FRAZER, RANDOLPH L. - Erie Township
FRAZIER, JOHN E. - Osage Township
FRAZIER, ALBERT S. - Savannah Township
FREDLUND, OLOF N. - Walworth Township
FREDRICKSON, ELIK - Spruce Grove Township
FRENCH, JOHN O. - Detroit Township
FRENCH, MARY A. - Callaway Township
FRICK, JOSEPH - Height of Land Township
FRIEDRICK, CARL - Evergreen Township
FRIER, ARBY - Cormorant Township
FRISK, JOHANNES - Lake Park Township
FROST, HERMAN L. - Osage Township
FUGLE, JOHN M. - Atlanta Township
FURNSET, HANS A. - Atlanta Township

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