Land Patent Holders
Becker County

The following is a list of individuals, with last names starting with G through L, who were issued pre-1908 homestead and cash entry land patents in Becker County, Minnesota obtained from the CD-ROM Minnesota Pre-1908 Homestead & Cash Entry Patents from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 7450 Boston Boulevard, Springfield, Virginia 22153.

Last names starting with:

If you would like more detailed information about any patentee, refer to Becker County Minnesota Look-ups.

GALBRECHT, FRITZ - Silver Leaf Township
GALBRECHT, JULIUS - Height of Land Township
GANDRUD, ENGEBRET E. - Richwood Township
GATES, HIRAM N. - Detroit Township
GAYLORD, NINA P. - Savannah Township
GAYNON, MARY - White Earth Township
GE NE WAH NAH QUOD - Township 141N Range 38W
GEARY, MATHEW - Osage Township
GEBO, JOHN - Burlington Township
GEIL, ABRAHAM - Carsonville Township
GELLERMAN, HENRY H. - Savannah Township
GEORGE - White Earth Township
GEORGE, FRANK - Osage Township
GERMER, JOHN - Lake Eunice Township
GESSELL, JACOB - Lake Eunice Township
GILBERT, JAMES H. - Carsonville Township
GILBERT, WILLIAM - Carsonville Township
GILBERTSON, LUDVIG - Lake Eunice Township
GILBERTSON, OLE - Cuba Township
GILLION, JOHN - Osage Township
GLANDER, JOHN - Toad Lake Township
GLAUM, CONRAD - Lake Eunice Township
GLEIN, ALEXANDER T. - Atlanta Township
GOHEKE, LUDWIG - Height of Land Township
GOODRICH, GEORGE - Lake Park Township
GORD, JOHAN A. - Audubon Township
GRABOROITZ, MICHAEL - Height of Land Township
GRAF, BAPTIST - Erie Township
GRAFTAAS, JOHN O. - Toad Lake Township
GRAHAM, JOHN H. - Burlington Township
GRANRUTH, PETTER - Spruce Grove Township
GRANT, WILLIAM J. - Osage Township
GRANT, GEORGE W. - Lake Eunice Township
GRANT, SAMUEL - Erie Township
GRAY, ARTHUR - Township 141N Range 39W
GREGORY, WALTER R. - Audubon Township
GREGORY, WALTER R. - Grand Park Township
GREMMERT, OTTO W. - Silver Leaf Township
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM A. - Lake View Township
GRIFFNOW, HERMAN - Toad Lake Township
GRIMSRUD, ERIK N. - Lake Park Township
GRONSDAL, OLIA - Cuba Township
GROTH, NORBERT - Savannah Township
GROVER, JOSIAH F. - Cormorant Township
GRUNER, WILLIAM G. - Spruce Grove Township
GRUNT, OLE - Audubon Township
GULBRANSON, IVER - Cuba Township
GULBRANSON, JOHN - Audubon Township
GULEKSON, GUTORM - Lake Park Township
GULIKSDATER,GURO - Lake Park Township
GULINGESRUD, OLE A. - Cuba Township
GULLIKSON, GORA - Lake Park Township
GULLINGS, OLE S. - Richwood Township
GUNDERSON, ELISA - Atlanta Township
GURLEY, JAMES - Audubon Township
GUSTAFSON, ISAK - Wolf Lake Township
GUTEKUNST, ERNST - Spruce Grove Township
HAATAJA, AUGUST - Wolf Lake Township
HAGEN, OLE P. - Shell Lake Township
HAHN, FRIEDRICH - Evergreen Township
HAIBY, ANDREW L. - Walworth Township
HAIGHT, MILTON - Osage Township
HALL, CHARLES - Osage Township
HALL, AARON P. - Burlington Township
HALL, CHARLES S. - Lake View Township
HALL, OLE J. - Audubon Township
HALL, PALMER - Lake Park Township
HALL, S. C. - Evergreen Township
HALL, THADDEUS L. - Burlington Township
HALLET, ROBERT - White Earth Township
HALLIDAY, WILLIAM - Osage Township
HALLIDAY, JAMES - Cormorant Township
HALSTADT, JOHN - Lake Eunice Township
HALTLI, PEDER J. - Maple Grove Township
HALVERSON, OLE - Cuba Township
HALVORSEN, HALVOR - Silver Leaf Township
HALVORSON, OLE - Cuba Township
HAMANND, WILHALM - Erie Township
HAMBLY, WALLACE - Grand Park Township
HAMLIN, WILLIAM J. - Sugar Bush Township
HANKS, JOHN - Maple Grove Township
HANKS, WILLIAM - Eagle View Township
HANKS, WILLIAM - Maple Grove Township
HANNEMANN, BERNHARD - Silver Leaf Township
HANSEL, FERDINAND - Osage Township
HANSEN, GABRIEL - Cormorant Township
HANSEN, HANS - Lake Park Township
HANSON, ANDREW - Audubon Township
HANSON, ANDREW - Walworth Township
HANSON, BERNT - Richwood Township
HANSON, CHARLES - Cormorant Township
HANSON, CHARLES T. - Cormorant Township
HANSON, HANS - Richwood Township
HANSON, IVER - Audubon Township
HANSON, JACOB - Atlanta Township
HANSON, LORENTZ - Toad Lake Township
HANSON, MARTIN - Atlanta Township
HANSON, MARTIN C. - Shell Lake Township
HANSON, MORRIS C. - Shell Lake Township
HANSON, OLAUS - Walworth Township
HANSON, OLE - Cuba Township
HANSON, RODA - Audubon Township
HARDING, RALPH E. - Evergreen Township
HARDING, WILLIAM W. - Richwood Township
HARDMAN, ALICE M. - Pine Point Township
HARDMAN, DOLLY - Pine Point Township
HARDMAN, ESTHER B. - Pine Point Township
HARRIMAN, CAL C. - Osage Township
HARRINGTON, FRED S. - Osage Township
HART, EDWARD A. - Two Inlets Township
HART, JAMES W. - Savannah Township
HART, JOSEPH H. - Savannah Township
HARVALA, AUGUST - Wolf Lake Township
HATAIJA, HARMAN - Spruce Grove Township
HAUGE, LUDWIG L. - Atlanta Township
HAUSER, HANS F. - Evergreen Township
HAUSER, JOHANN H. - Evergreen Township
HAWKINS, JAMES M. - Osage Township
HAWKINS, JAMES M. - Green Valley Township
HAWLEY, MILES L. - Audubon Township
HAWLY, SPENCER - Cormorant Township
HAYDEN, KIMBALL - Erie Township
HAYWARD, JOHN H. - Lake View Township
HAZELTON, B. M. - Riceville Township
HAZELTON, B. M. - Sugar Bush Township
HAZELTON, DELIA - Riceville Township
HAZELTON, MARION B. - Sugar Bush Township
HAZELTON, WILLIAM G. - Richwood Township
HEADBURG, WILLIAM - Holmesville Township
HEALD, EMELINE - Detroit Township
HEATH, NATHAN L. - Holmesville Township
HEATH, NELSON - Detroit Township
HEDLUND, ANDREW - Cuba Township
HEDRIC, NATHANIEL C. - Lake Park Township
HEINEN, NICK - Two Inlets Township
HEINONEN, MIKKE - Toad Lake Township
HEISEL, FRANK - Savannah Township
HEISLER, JANE - White Earth Township
HEISLER, ROBERT - White Earth Township
HEISLER, WILLIE - White Earth Township
HEISLER, ALICE C. - White Earth Township
HELDEN, MATHIAS - Spruce Grove Township
HELLMANN, JOHN - Savannah Township
HELMER, CHARLES M. - Burlington Township
HELSETH, OLE - Audubon Township
HEMMELGARN, CHARLES - Two Inlets Township
HEMMELGARN, JOHN - Two Inlets Township
HEMMING, HENRY - Wolf Lake Township
HEMSTAD, JOHANNES A. - Audubon Township
HENDRICKSON, ANDREW - Wolf Lake Township
HENDRICKSON, MAT - Toad Lake Township
HENDRICKSON, MATT - Wolf Lake Township
HENN, THEODORE - Toad Lake Township
HENREKSON, NIKOLAUS - Lake Eunice Township
HENSEL, LEBRECHT - Osage Township
HENSLEY, WILLIAM W. - Detroit Township
HERBACH, DANIEL - Erie Township
HERFENDAHL, JOHN O. - Hamdan Township
HERFENDAL, JOHN A. - Hamdan Township
HERFENDAL, JOHN O. - Hamdan Township
HERFINDAL, KARI J. - Atlanta Township
HERHOLD, FREDERICK W. - Burlington Township
HERLITZ, ANDREW - Two Inlets Township
HERLITZ, HENRY J. - Two Inlets Township
HERLITZ, ROBERT - Two Inlets Township
HERRICK, ALICE R. - Erie Township
HICKEY, JAMES - Detroit Township
HIGBIE, ABRAM - Walworth Township
HIGBIE, ALBERT - Walworth Township
HIGBIE, JAMES - Walworth Township
HIGBIE, JAMES H. - Walworth Township
HIGLEY, FRANCIS M. - Lake Park Township
HILBRAND, WILHELM - Holmesville Township
HILDRETH, MARY - White Earth Township
HILLIARD, WILLIAM P. - Carsonville Township
HILLIARD, WILLIAM P. - Osage Township
HILLIARD, WILLIAM P. - Green Valley Township
HILLYER, J. B. - Lake View Township
HILTON, JONAS - Wolf Lake Township
HILTUNEN, ADAM - Spruce Grove Township
HILTUNEN, LAARS - Spruce Grove Township
HIRVAS, MIKKO - Green Valley Township
HJELT, JOHN - Toad Lake Township
HOCHSTETLER, PERRY - Grand Park Township
HODDER, ELI - Erie Township
HODDER, FRANK C. - Pine Point Township
HODDER, GEORGE - Pine Point Township
HODDER, MARY - Pine Point Township
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM - Burlington Township
HOFFMANN, EDWARD - Two Inlets Township
HOFFMANN, JACOB - Two Inlets Township
HOGAN, WALTER E. - Sugar Bush Township
HOGANSON, NELS - Walworth Township
HOLE IN THE DAY, MAGGIE - White Earth Township
HOLE IN THE DAY, WILLIE - Callaway Township
HOLE IN THE DAY, WILLIE - White Earth Township
HOLM, MARTINE - Cuba Township
HOLSTEIN, GUS - Maple Grove Township
HOLSTEIN, MARY - Maple Grove Township
HOLTON, THEODORE - Cuba Township
HOLYOKE, EUGENE J. - Lake View Township
HOOKLAND, SIVERT M. - Cormorant Township
HOPKINS, RAYMOND - Green Valley Township
HOPSTAD, JOHN - Holmesville Township
HORMANN, HENRY - Height of Land Township
HORN, CHARLES - White Earth Township
HORN, JANE - White Earth Township
HORTON, JOHN W. - Lake Eunice Township
HOVELSON, GUSTORM - Richwood Township
HOVIN, HENRY - Spruce Grove Township
HOWARD, JENNIE - Spring Creek Township
HOWARD, CHARLES - Evergreen Township
HOWARD, DELIA - Pine Point Township
HOWARD, IDA - Maple Grove Township
HOWARD, JANE - Pine Point Township
HOWARD, LOTTIE - Riceville Township
HOWARD, MATTIE - Pine Point Township
HOWARD, ROBERT - Pine Point Township
HOWE, MILLARD F. - Detroit Township
HOWER, LINDA L. - Osage Township
HOYLE, BARLOW - Lake Eunice Township
HOYT, JACOB M. - Osage Township
HUBBELL, ORISON - Erie Township
HUCK, DERRICK - Erie Township
HUDSON, HENRY - Spring Creek Township
HUDSON, STEPHEN - Two Inlets Township
HUGHES, JOHN - Cormorant Township
HUGHES, MICHAEL - Burlington Township
HUNT, WILLIAM P. - Lake Eunice Township
HURLEY, CHARLOTTE - Lake View Township
HUSEN, JOHN K. - Spruce Grove Township
IEEN DUB - Pine Point Township
IEEN DUB - Township 141N Range 38W
IEEN DUH CUMIG O QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
ILLG, ADAM - Silver Leaf Township
ILLG, FRED - Silver Leaf Township
ILLG, JOHN - Silver Leaf Township
ILLG, PETER - Silver Leaf Township
IMPOLA, JOHN - Shell Lake Township
IMPOLA, MATT - Shell Lake Township
IN DE BAY WE NE NEE - Pine Point Township
INGEBRETSEN, KNUD - Richwood Township
INGEMANSON, ERIC - Audubon Township
INGERBRETSON, OLE - Lake Park Township
IRISH, DAVID S. - Atlanta Township
IRISH, SYLVESTER E. - Atlanta Township
ISAACSON, CHARLEY - Wolf Lake Township
ISABEL - Maple Grove Township
ISH QUAY GAH BOW - Sugar Bush Township
ISH QUAY GAH BOW E QUAY - Forest Township
ISH QUAY GWON ABE - Pine Point Township
ISH QUAY GWON ABE, TRUMAN - Township 141N Range 38W
ISOLA, WILLIAM - Wolf Lake Township
IVERSON, INGEBORG - Cormorant Township
JAAKAPSEN, AUGUST - Wolf Lake Township
JAAKOPSEN, MATTS - Spruce Grove Township
JABS, DAVID - Evergreen Township
JACKSON, ANNIE - White Earth Township
JACKSON, FRED - Maple Grove Township
JACKSON, J. P. - Lake Eunice Township
JACOBS, JACOB P. - Forest Township
JACOBSON, ANDREW - Cormorant Township
JACOBSON, AUGUST - Green Valley Township
JACOBSON, GUSTAF - Lake Park Township
JACOBSON, GUSTAV - Lake Park Township
JACOBSON, MARTIN - Atlanta Township
JACOBSON, MARY - Cuba Township
JACOBSON, MATIS - Atlanta Township
JACOBSON, OTTO - Lake Park Township
JAHR, OLAUS J. - Atlanta Township
JAKOBSON, HANS - Atlanta Township
JAKOBSON, PETER R. - Cuba Township
JAMES, ROBERT - Township 141N Range 38W
JAMPSA, JAKOB - Wolf Lake Township
JANE - Township 141N Range 39W
JANKE, JULIUS - Evergreen Township
JANSON, CARL - Lake Eunice Township
JANSON, CHARLES - Lake Park Township
JANSON, JAMES - Richwood Township
JANSON, JOHN O. - Audubon Township
JANSSON, JOHANNES - Grand Park Township
JARVEMAK, ANDREW - Wolf Lake Township
JARVIS, DANIEL O. - Height of Land Township
JASKO, PETER - Toad Lake Township
JEFFERSON, ADNA R. - Osage Township
JELLUM, ELLEF - Hamdan Township
JELLUM, STENGRIM N. - Hamdan Township
JENKIN, ANNIE - Hamdan Township
JENKINS, ISAAC - Hamdan Township
JENSON, ANDREW - Audubon Township
JENSON, DEDRICK - Toad Lake Township
JOACHIM, ROSE - Silver Leaf Township
JOCHUM, PETER - Silver Leaf Township
JOHANNESON, JANE H. - Hamdan Township
JOHANSON, ERIK - Lake Park Township
JOHANSON, JOHAN - Cormorant Township
JOHN (?) - Eagle View Township
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE - Spring Creek Township
JOHNSON, GEORGE - Spring Creek Township
JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE - Spring Creek Township
JOHNSON, ANDERS J. - Richwood Township
JOHNSON, ANTHONY - Walworth Township
JOHNSON, BENT - Richwood Township
JOHNSON, CARL J. - Richwood Township
JOHNSON, CAROLINE - Richwood Township
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE - Sugar Bush Township
JOHNSON, CHRISTIAN - Lake Park Township
JOHNSON, DANIEL - Cormorant Township
JOHNSON, EDGAR M. - Lake View Township
JOHNSON, EMELIA J. - Detroit Township
JOHNSON, FORDEL - Toad Lake Township
JOHNSON, FRANK A. - Detroit Township
JOHNSON, GEORGE J. - Maple Grove Township
JOHNSON, HANS - Cormorant Township
JOHNSON, HENRY - Evergreen Township
JOHNSON, HENRY - Walworth Township
JOHNSON, HENRY R. - Lake View Township
JOHNSON, J. P. - Lake Eunice Township
JOHNSON, JOHN - Hamdan Township
JOHNSON, JOHN - Lake Park Township
JOHNSON, JOHN - White Earth Township
JOHNSON, JOHN - White Earth Township
JOHNSON, JOHN P. - Lake Eunice Township
JOHNSON, JOHN T. - Shell Lake Township
JOHNSON, LARS - Audubon Township
JOHNSON, LIZZIE - White Earth Township
JOHNSON, LOUIS - Walworth Township
JOHNSON, MARIA - Lake Eunice Township
JOHNSON, NELS - Cormorant Township
JOHNSON, NELS P. - Cormorant Township
JOHNSON, NILS - Walworth Township
JOHNSON, NILS P. - Walworth Township
JOHNSON, OLE - Cuba Township
JOHNSON, OLE - Richwood Township
JOHNSON, OLE P. - Hamdan Township
JOHNSON, OSCAR - Savannah Township
JOHNSON, PETER - Spruce Grove Township
JOHNSON, SUSAN - White Earth Township
JOHNSON, SWAN - Richwood Township
JOHNSON, SWANTE - Richwood Township
JOHNSON,B. W. - Burlington Township
JOHNSTON, ANDREW D. - Holmesville Township
JOHNSTON, ELMER E. - Holmesville Township
JOHUNSON, SIVERT - Holmesville Township
JOKELA, PETER - Spruce Grove Township
JONES, HARVEY - Lake Park Township
JONES, HARVEY - Richwood Township
JONES, JOHN H. - Grand Park Township
JONES, JOHN R. - Burlington Township
JONES, LEMUEL R. - Erie Township
JONES, LEMUEL R. - Grand Park Township
JONGREN, EMANUEL - Richwood Township
JONISH, FLORIEN - Two Inlets Township
JONISH, JOHN - Two Inlets Township
JORDAN, ALEXIS - White Earth Township
JORDAN, EDWARD C. - Detroit Township
JORDAN, MARGARET - Maple Grove Township
JORDAN, SUSAN - Township 141N Range 38W
JORGENSEN, MARTIN - Holmesville Township
JOSEPSEN, JOSEP - Spruce Grove Township
JOSETTE - Township 141N Range 38W
JOSLIN, SYLVANUS - Two Inlets Township
JOY, SILAS S. - Detroit Township
JUDD, HARVEY G. - Lake View Township
JUKUA, JACOB J. - Spruce Grove Township
JULSON, SYVER - Grand Park Township
JUNTENEN, ISAAC - Spruce Grove Township
JUSTUS, DANIEL - Cormorant Township
JUSTUS, OTELIA C. - Cormorant Township
KAH BE KO GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH BE MAH BE - Pine Point Township
KAH BE MAH BE QUAY - Township 141N Range 39W
KAH BE MAH BE, DANIEL M. - Pine Point Township
KAH BE MAH BEE - Township 141N Range 39W
KAH CHE JE KE SHIG - Eagle View Township
KAH CHI JI GE SHIG - Township 141N Range 39W
KAH COMB - Pine Point Township
KAH DISH QUAY ZAINCE - White Earth Township
KAH DO - Forest Township
KAH DUCK - Maple Grove Township
KAH GE GAY AH NAH QUOT - Round Lake Township
KAH GE GAY AUN GABE - Round Lake Township
KAH GE GAY AUNG AIB - Pine Point Township
KAH GE GAY AUS E GAY - Forest Township
KAH GE GAY GAH BOW EAKE - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH GE GAY GWON A BEAK - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH GE GAY GWON AY BEAK - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH GE GAY WOUN OKE - Sugar Bush Township
KAH GE GAY WUN A QUOD O QUAY - Township 141N Range 39W
KAH GON DAUSH - Maple Grove Township
KAH GON DAUSH - White Earth Township
KAH GWY AH GWAH SHE QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH GWY AH QUASH E QUAY - Pine Point Township
KAH KAH BE SHE QUAY - Maple Grove Township
KAH KAH GE WAUSH - Round Lake Township
KAH KAY GUAH WAY BE QUAY - Spring Creek Township
KAH KE WAY AUSH - Pine Point Township
KAH KE WAY AUSH, JOSEPHINE - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH WE TAH GAH BOW - Pine Point Township
KAH WE TAH O NUB EAK - Round Lake Township
KAH WE TAH YAUSH E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH WE TAUSH KUNG - Township 141N Range 39W
KAH WIT AH O NUB EAK - Township 141N Range 38W
KAH ZHUG AINCE - Pine Point Township
KANGAS, JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
KARJOLA, LEANTON - Green Valley Township
KARVALA, JACOB - Wolf Lake Township
KARVINEN, JOHN - Carsonville Township
KASKELA, JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
KAY AUSH KOONCE - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY BAY AH DO QUAY - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY AH MAH GE WA BE - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY AH MAH JE WABE - Township 141N Range 39W
KAY BAY AUSH - Maple Grove Township
KAY BAY BE TUNG - Round Lake Township
KAY BAY GAH BOW EQUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY BAY GE GID - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY GE SHIG O QUAY - Eagle View Township
KAY BAY GE SHIG O QUAY - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY GWON - Callaway Township
KAY BAY GWON - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY KE SHIG O QUAY - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY O GE MAH - Township 141N Range 39W
KAY BAY O NUB EAK - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY BAY OGE MAH - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY WAUNAH BEAKE - Pine Point Township
KAY BAY WIN NIND - Pine Point Township
KAY CHE WAN AH QUOD O QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY DAH GE GWON AY YAUSHS - Pine Point Township
KAY DUG E BINAIS - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY DUG E BINAIS, ALBERT - Round Lake Township
KAY DUG E GWON AY AUSH - Township 141N Range 39W
KAY DUG E GWON AY BE QUAY - Forest Township
KAY GAH BAY WAY WI DUM O QUAY - Maple Grove Township
KAY GWAY DO SAY QUAY - Maple Grove Township
KAY GWAY DO SAY QUAY - Pine Point Township
KAY GWAY DUB E TUNG - Pine Point Township
KAY GWAY GE GAH BOW - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY GWAY GE GAH BOW - Township 141N Range 39W
KAY GWAY JE GAH BOW - Eagle View Township
KAY GWAY JE GAH BOW - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY KIN AH WAN DUB E QUAY - Pine Point Township
KAY ME WUN ISH KUNG - Pine Point Township
KAY NOSH E QUAY - Pine Point Township
KAY NOSH E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY PAH GAH NAH QUAD - Forest Township
KAY PAH GAH NAH QUOD - Round Lake Township
KAY PAH GUM AH QUOD - Pine Point Township
KAY PAW GAUN AH QUOD - Pine Point Township
KAY PUG AUN AH QUOD - Pine Point Township
KAY QUAY DUB ID - Forest Township
KAY SHE AH BO - Maple Grove Township
KAY SHE WAY WAY AUCH - Pine Point Township
KAY TUB WAUSH - White Earth Township
KAY WE TAH WAY WID UNG - Pine Point Township
KAY ZHE BAUNCE - Spring Creek Township
KAY ZHE QUAH UNG - Sugar Bush Township
KAY ZHE WASH - Township 141N Range 39W
KAY ZHE WAY WE DUNG - Pine Point Township
KAY ZHE WAY WE DUNG - Township 141N Range 38W
KAY ZHE WAY WID UNG - Pine Point Township
KAY ZHE WAY WID UNG - Township 141N Range 38W
KE BID WAY O SAY QUAY - Round Lake Township
KE CHE GAH ME WE QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KE CHE O GE MAH - Pine Point Township
KE CHE O SYIEN - Maple Grove Township
KE CHE UN UNG - Spring Creek Township
KE CHE WAIN - Township 141N Range 38W
KE ME SE QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KE ME WUN AUN AH QUOD - Pine Point Township
KE NE WAINCE - Pine Point Township
KE NE WE GUNCH - Pine Point Township
KE NE WOUB E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KE NEW AINCE - White Earth Township
KE NISH E QUAY - Spring Creek Township
KE SIS O QUAY - Eagle View Township
KE WAY DIN - Forest Township
KE WAY DIN - Sugar Bush Township
KE WAY DIN O QUAY - Township 141N Range 39W
KE WAY GAH BOW E QUAY - White Earth Township
KE WE TAH BE QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KE WE TAH BE QUAY - Township 141N Range 39W
KE WE TAH CUMIG OKE - Forest Township
KE WE TAH GAH BOW - Township 141N Range 38W
KE WE TAH GE WABE EQUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KE WE TAH YAUSH E QUAY - Eagle View Township
KE WE ZAW WOUN DE BAY - Forest Township
KE ZHE BAH BIN - Round Lake Township
KE ZHE BAH CUMIG O QUAY - Round Lake Township
KE ZHE BAUNCE - Maple Grove Township
KE ZHE BAUNCE - Pine Point Township
KE ZHE BAUNEE - Township 141N Range 39W
KE ZHE WAHN - Township 141N Range 39W
KE ZHE WAUMH - Forest Township
KE ZHE WOUB - Township 141N Range 39W
KEASS - Forest Township
KEASS, FREDERICK - Round Lake Township
KEASS, JOHN - Forest Township
KECHE MAH QUAH - Township 141N Range 39W
KEECH, BIRCH - Lake Park Township
KEECH, FERNANDA - Lake Park Township
KEECH, LEWIS W. - Lake Park Township
KEESH KE DIE - Pine Point Township
KEEZER, FRANK - Pine Point Township
KEEZER, HENRY - Pine Point Township
KEEZER, WILLIAM - Township 141N Range 38W
KEITH, DAVID - Lake View Township
KELBERER, JOHN - Burlington Township
KELLEY, HAMILTON - Lake Park Township
KELSEY, GEORGE A. - Savannah Township
KENNEDY, GEORGE - Detroit Township
KENNEDY, WILLIAM A. - Evergreen Township
KENWORTHY, GEORGE M. - Savannah Township
KENWORTHY, THOMAS J. - Savannah Township
KESLER, JOHN - Toad Lake Township
KETTLESON, OLE - Lake Park Township
KIMBALL, CHARLES - Savannah Township
KIMBALL, CHARLES - Spruce Grove Township
KIMBALL, CLARENCE H. - Shell Lake Township
KIMBALL, HORACE B. - Spruce Grove Township
KIMPTON, EZEKIEL - Richwood Township
KING, CHARLES - Lake Park Township
KING, JOHN - Detroit Township
KING, JOHN - Lake Eunice Township
KING, WILLIAM - Cormorant Township
KINNEN, JOHN - Silver Leaf Township
KINNUNEN, ABEL - Wolf Lake Township
KINNUNEN, HENRY - Wolf Lake Township
KIRSCH, MICHAEL - Savannah Township
KITKIZARVI, ISAC - Green Valley Township
KJORUM, OLE J. - Walworth Township
KLEIN, CHRISTIAN - Erie Township
KLEMETSON, JOHANNES - Atlanta Township
KLEMMETSON, ERIK - Walworth Township
KLINE, FRANK J. - Green Valley Township
KLITZKE, HERMAN - Erie Township
KLOVSTAD, ANDERS I. - Walworth Township
KNAPP, ELIZABETH C. - Two Inlets Township
KNICKERBOCKER, CHARLES - Spring Creek Township
KNICKERBOCKER, JOSEPH - Spring Creek Township
KNICKERBOCKER, LIZZIE - Spring Creek Township
KNICKERBOCKER, WILLIAM - Spring Creek Township
KNICKERBOCKER, D. B. - White Earth Township
KNIGHT, FRANK - Richwood Township
KNUDSOD, MARTHIN L. - Walworth Township
KNUDSON, ARNE - Lake Park Township
KNUDSON, GUTTORM - Hamdan Township
KNUDSON, IVER T. - Audubon Township
KNUDSON, LARS - Audubon Township
KNUDSON, SIVERT - Cuba Township
KNUDSON, SIVERT - Holmesville Township
KO GOONCE - Pine Point Township
KO GOONCE - Township 141N Range 39W
KO JEENCE - Pine Point Township
KO KO KOOJ - Township 141N Range 38W
KO NEE WOBE QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KOENIG, LOUIS - Silver Leaf Township
KOHLER, GEORGE - Hamdan Township
KOHLER, LOUISE - Evergreen Township
KOLLIN, ELOF C. - Holmesville Township
KOLLMANSPERGER, JOSEPH - Burlington Township
KOME WUB E QUAY - Township 141N Range 38W
KOMM, LOUIS - Shell Lake Township
KOMULAINEN, CARL - Wolf Lake Township
KORBEL, JOHANN - Silver Leaf Township
KORBEL, JOHANN H. - Silver Leaf Township
KOSKELLA, GUSTAV - Spruce Grove Township
KOSKLA, PETER - Spruce Grove Township
KOVINI, JOHN - Wolf Lake Township
KOW WE TAH YAUSH - Township 141N Range 38W
KRAFNICK, VALENTIN - Silver Leaf Township
KRAUSE, FREDRICK - Holmesville Township
KRICK, JACOB - Erie Township
KRUGER, FERDINAND - Silver Leaf Township
KRUSE, HELENA - Evergreen Township
KUBBERNNTZ, FRED - Detroit Township
KVILVANG, PETER J. - Atlanta Township
KVISTAD, PETER L. - Walworth Township
LA CHAPELLE, ELLEN - Spring Creek Township
LA CHAPELLE, IDA - Spring Creek Township
LA CHAPELLE, LOUISA - Spring Creek Township
LA CHAPELLE, MARIA - Spring Creek Township
LA CHAPELLE, MELINA - Spring Creek Township
LA CHAPELLE, CECILE - Callaway Township
LA CHAPELLE, GIRARD - Maple Grove Township
LA CHAPELLE, MICHAEL - Callaway Township
LA CHAPELLE, PAUL - Callaway Township
LA CHAPELLE, PHILLIP - Maple Grove Township
LA CHAPELLE, THEOPOLIS - Maple Grove Township
LA CORE, MARVIN - Lake Park Township
LA FOND, BENJAMIN - White Earth Township
LABANNTE, FRANK - Lake Eunice Township
LACY, FRANCES E. - Riceville Township
LACY, MARY - Riceville Township
LACY, MELVIN E. - Riceville Township
LACY, MELVIN E. - Sugar Bush Township
LACY, NANCY - Riceville Township
LACY, SUSAN M. - Riceville Township
LAITE, LARS P. - Cuba Township
LAMB, WILLIAM - Burlington Township
LAMPANIUS, CHARLES A. - Cormorant Township
LANGE, EDWARD H. - Height of Land Township
LANGE, JACOB - Height of Land Township
LANGERUD, GULBRAND N. - Lake Park Township
LARD, CHARLES D. - Silver Leaf Township
LARSEN, KRISTIAN - Lake Park Township
LARSON, AUGUST - Holmesville Township
LARSON, CHRISTIAN - Hamdan Township
LARSON, CHRISTIAN - Richwood Township
LARSON, CHRISTOPHER - Two Inlets Township
LARSON, HENRY - Wolf Lake Township
LARSON, HENRY J. - Atlanta Township
LARSON, HERMAN - Wolf Lake Township
LARSON, IVER - Cuba Township
LARSON, JOHN - Audubon Township
LARSON, JONAS - Cormorant Township
LARSON, LARS - Cuba Township
LARSON, LARS A. - Hamdan Township
LARSON, LARS O. - Cormorant Township
LARSON, NEILS C. - Walworth Township
LARSON, NIELS - Hamdan Township
LARSON, OLE - Audubon Township
LARSON, PAUL - Lake Park Township
LARSON, PAUL - Spruce Grove Township
LARSON, PETER - Cormorant Township
LARSON, SEVERT - Cormorant Township
LARSON, SWEN - Cuba Township
LASS, WILLIAM - Toad Lake Township
LE DOUX, ALEXANDER - Callaway Township
LE DOUX, ANGELINE - Township 141N Range 39W
LE DOUX, ANNIE - Sugar Bush Township
LE DOUX, CATHERINE - Riceville Township
LE DOUX, MARGARET - Township 141N Range 39W
LE DOUX, PETER - Township 141N Range 39W
LE DOUX, PHILLIP - Sugar Bush Township
LE FEVERE, ALISE - Spring Creek Township
LE FEVERE, ARTHUR E. - Spring Creek Township
LE FEVERE, JOSEPH E. - Spring Creek Township
LE FEVERE, MABEL - Spring Creek Township
LE FEVERE, ORRIN - Spring Creek Township
LE FEVERE, WILLIAM - Spring Creek Township
LE FEVERE, MAGGIE - Sugar Bush Township
LEAVITT, MARSHALL - Green Valley Township
LEDEBOER, ALICE W. - Spring Creek Township
LEDEBOER, GEORGE - Spring Creek Township
LEDEBOER, ROBERT - Spring Creek Township
LEDEBOER, WILLIE - Spring Creek Township
LEDEBOER, JENNIE M. - White Earth Township
LEDER, WILHELM - Holmesville Township
LEDOUX, LOUISA - Callaway Township
LEE, GEORGE - Burlington Township
LEE, JOHN - Walworth Township
LEE, JOHN J. - Lake Park Township
LEECY, BENJAMIN H. - Sugar Bush Township
LEECY, MARTHA - Sugar Bush Township
LEHMAN, IGNATZ - Osage Township
LEHMANN, IGNATZ - Osage Township
LEHMANN, FRANK X. - Carsonville Township
LEITHEISER, FERDINAND - Burlington Township
LEMON, ZACHARY T. - Carsonville Township
LENT, BYRON - Burlington Township
LEQUIER, LOUIS - Spring Creek Township
LEQUIER, MARY - White Earth Township
LESTER, JOHN - Erie Township
LETHENSTROM, JOHN - Detroit Township
LEWIS, LLEWELLYN S. - Two Inlets Township
LEWIS, MARSHALL J. - Lake View Township
LEWIS, SPEAR K. - Two Inlets Township
LEWISON, LEWIS - Lake Park Township
LEYENDECKER, NICK - Evergreen Township
LIBBY, GEORGE - White Earth Township
LIDDY, PATRICK E. - Cormorant Township
LIE, ANNE M. - Audubon Township
LILLEGRAVEN, JOHN A. - Shell Lake Township
LIMFINSEL, CONRAD - Evergreen Township
LIMFINSEL, THERESIA - Evergreen Township
LINDER, JOHN - Detroit Township
LINDON, ALBERT - Burlington Township
LINDON, CHARLES - Burlington Township
LINMAN, PETER - Shell Lake Township
LINNELL, ABBY M. - Carsonville Township
LINNELL, ABBY M. - Osage Township
LINNELL, CHARLES A. - Carsonville Township
LIVINGSTON, MAYNARD S. - Savannah Township
LODIN, DANIEL - Hamdan Township
LOFSTAM, NELS - Detroit Township
LOKKEN, SIMEN O. - Walworth Township
LOKONEN, ERIK - Green Valley Township
LONGFORS, FRANK - Shell Lake Township
LOPER, ROBERT I. - Height of Land Township
LORD, CHARLES - Lake Park Township
LORING, C. M. - Carsonville Township
LORING, C. M. - Grand Park Township
LORING, C. M. - Height of Land Township
LORING, C. M. - Toad Lake Township
LORING, C. M. - Wolf Lake Township
LORING, CHARLES M. - Height of Land Township
LORING, CHARLES M. - Toad Lake Township
LOUT, TUFEL - Lake Eunice Township
LOUZON, MATILDA - White Earth Township
LOUZON, NAPOLEON - White Earth Township
LOVELY, MARY B. - Callaway Township
LOWE, EVA F. - Savannah Township
LUCIER, CORA B. - Riceville Township
LUCIER, LIZZIE - Riceville Township
LUFKINS, JOHN - White Earth Township
LUFKINS, WILLIAM - White Earth Township
LUND, CARL - Atlanta Township
LUNDBERG, HANS - Holmesville Township
LUNDBERG, JOHANNES - Detroit Township
LUNDBERG, THEODORE J. - Detroit Township
LUNDE, SVEND S. - Walworth Township
LUNDIN, GUSTAF - Richwood Township
LUNDIN, SWAN - Richwood Township
LYNCH, LOUISA - Spring Creek Township
LYNCH, LOUISA - Maple Grove Township
LYNCH, MARGARET S. - White Earth Township
LYNDE, EMMA - Riceville Township
LYON, LIZZIE - Spring Creek Township
LYON, BRANCH - Lake Eunice Township
LYSNE, HENRIK H. - Walworth Township

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