A Pioneer History of Becker County

Chapter LIII.

Organization of White Earth Township.

The first town election in the town of White Earth was held in the village of White Earth, March 30th, 1906, and the following officers elected: Town clerk, R.G. Beaulieu; treasurer, B.S. Fairbanks; assessor, R.P. Fairbanks; supervisors, G.A. Morrison, Truman Beaulieu and Frank Warren; justices, George Fox and John Heisler, road overseer, Allan Morrison.

Yours Truly,
R.G. Beaulieu.

Organization of Callaway Township.

The first township officers of Callaway Township are as follows: Geo. Bellefeuille, John Rodgers, and R. A. Preston, supervisors; J. P. Ernster, clerk; John Ernster, treasurer;
N. A. Granquist, justice of the peace; Donald McDougall and Chas. Uran, constables. The first school board of Callaway school district No. 96: N. A. Granquist, clerk; John Ernster, treasurer; J. T. Porter, director. First postmaster of Callaway, J. T. Porter. First baby born in Callaway, Florence Granquist, January 4th. 1905. First building built by N. A. Granquist for the Bovy-Schute Lumber Co. in July, 1904. The first township election was held in J. Ernster's building in the village of Callaway on the 30th of March, 1906.

J. P. Ernster, Clerk.

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