A Pioneer History of Becker County

Chapter XXIV.

History of Cormorant Township.

By C. M. Halgren
Assisted by W. W. McLeod and Severt Olson.

The town of Cormorant was first settled in 1870. Dugald Campbell was the first settler. He came and settled in Section 36, May 18th, 1870. Dugald Campbell was born in Glasgow, Scotland, August 1st, 1819, and emigrated to St. John's New Brunswick, in 1825 with his parents, where he lived utill 1848, when he went to Massechusetts where he followed the sea for one year. In 1849 he came to Stillwater, Minnesota where he followed the lumber woods in the winter, and was a raft pilot on the Mississippi River in the summer for six years. In 1859 he left the river, and settled on a farm in the town of Florence, Goodhue County, Minnesota, where he lived until April 22, 1870, when he took his team and came to Becker County. Mr. Campbell was married to Julia Furman, March 24th, 1861, at Red Wing, Minnesota, and of this union one son was born, Hubert B. Campbell, on May 20th, 1862. Mr. Campbell lived on his farm until his death which occurred March 13th, 1891.

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