Land Entry File

(To be used in making FINAL PROOF in cases where pre-emption filings have been changed to homestead entries under the Acts of March 3, 1877, and May 27, 1878.)


I, Dugald Campbell , having changed my pre-emption declaratory statement No. 50 , filed the 18th day of June , 1872, alleging settlement the 17th day of May , 1870, for the N 1/2 SE 1/4 S 1/2 NE 1/4 section No. 36 , in township No. 138 , of range No. 43 , to homestead entry original No. , district lands subject to entry at Crookston Minn under the Acts of Congress approved March 3, 1877, and May 27, 1878, do solemly swear that I have never had the benefit of any right of pre-emption under section 2259 of the Revised Statutes of the United States; that I have not heretofore filed a pre-emption declaratory statement for another tract of land; that I was not the owner of three hundred and twenty acres of land in any State or Territory of the United States at any time during the above-mentioned period of settlement undere he pre-emption statutes; that I did not remove from my own land within the State of Minnesota, to make settlement above referred to; nor have I settled upon and improved said land to sell the same on speculation, but in good faith to appropriate it to my exclusive use or benefit; and that I did not, during the period of pre-emption settlement above mentioned, directly or indirectly, make any agreement or contract, in any way or manner, with any person or persons whatsoever, by which the title which I might acquire from the Government of the United States would inure, in whole or in part, to the benefit of any person except myself.

Dugald Campbell

I, John Cromb Deputy Clerk of the Dist Court Becker Co Minn do hereby certify that the above affidavit was subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of November, 1879
that the Judge of the Dist Court is absent
from the County of Becker. John Cromb
Deputy Clerk of Dist Court

Settler's Pre-Emption - Homestead Affidavit.

Note: Handwritten entries on the form are indicated by bold italics .

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