1900 Federal Census
Becker County, MN

Film Reel #T623-756

The following table lists the pages numbers for each township, the Supervisor's District, Enumeration District and Enumerator for the 1900 Federal Census of Becker County, Minnesota.

 Pages TownshipSupervisor's
1A-6A Walworth71Martin A. Noben
7A-12A Atlanta71Martin A. Noben
13A-23B Audubon72Lincoln Sherman
24A-37B Burlington73Alford King
38A-40A Carsonville74Thomas Graham
41A-43A Shell Lake74Thomas Graham
44A-45A Grand Park74Thomas Graham
46A-51B Cormorant75Alexander Cherry
52A-57A Cuba76Thomas C. Hawley
58A-79A Detroit77John H. Phinney
80A-82B Erie78Charles G. Magney
83A-86A Homesville78Charles G. Magney
87A-90B Silver Leaf79Isaac G. Schram
91A-94A Evergreen79Isaac G. Schram
95A-99A Runeburg710Erik Bystedt
99B-101B Green Valley710Erik Bystedt
102A-107A Hamdan711Ole A. Gice
108A-110B Height of Land712Alfred Meile
111A-113B Toad Lake712Alfred Meile
114A-121A Lake Eunice713Peter Glaum
122A-135B Lake Park714A. H. Aas
136A-140B Lake View715Henry R. Johnson
141A-147A Richwood716L. G. Perry
148A Richwood
Indian Population
716L. G. Perry
149A-153A Spruce Grove717Hans L. Larson
154A-155B Wolf Lake717Hans L. Larson
156A-160A Osage718Milton W. Vanderwater
161A-163A Two Inlets718Milton W. Vanderwater

The 1900 Federal Census for the White Earth Indian Reservation
in Becker County, MN is on Film Reel #T623-798.

Pages 6B, 12B, 40B, 43B, 45B, 57B, 79B, 86B, 94B,
107B, 121B, 147B, 148B, 153B, and 160B are blank.

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