1860 Census of Becker County, MN
transcribed by Dick Campbell

This census transcription has not been proofread.

There are 10 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Ambrose, David
Ambrose, Frederick
Ambrose, Jeannette
Ambrose, Lewis
Ambrose, Pamish
Ambrose, Sarah
Ballow, Annette
Ballow, Antonio
Ballow, Batiste
Ballow, Jannette
Ballow, Pierre
Bart, Eduard
Bart, George
Bart, Hary
Bart, Louis
Bart, Mary
Bart, Sarah
Bart, Theresa
Barton, Alice
Barton, Charlotte
Barton, Jaques
Barton, Joseph
Barton, Julie
Basille, Alexis
Basille, Charles
Basille, Eduard
Basille, Francis
Basille, Grette
Basille, Sophia
Batieu, Angelic
Batieu, Antonio
Batieu, Catherine
Batieu, John
Batieu, Pierre
Batieu, Serge
Batieu, Sophia
Beauchamp, Antone
Beauchamp, Eduard
Beauchamp, Frederick
Beauchamp, Louise
Beauchamp, Marie
Blanque, Batiste
Blanque, Carleau
Blanque, Catherine
Blanque, Charles
Blanque, Francis
Blanque, Margaret
Blanque, Paulini
Boms, Druise
Boms, Ivan B
Boms, Pierre
Bonecira, Catherine
Bonecira, Gormea
Bonecira, Janette
Bonecira, Leinard
Bunio, Annette
Bunio, Jacob
Bunio, Jeanette
Bunio, Michael
Bunio, Thomas
Buttero, Antonio
Buttero, Batiste
Buttero, Jeannette
Carcheneau, Anton
Carcheneau, Charles
Carcheneau, Elizabeth
Carcheneau, Francois
Carcheneau, Harriet
Carcheneau, Luke
Carcheneau, Martha
Carcheneau, Pierre
Casey, Charles
Casey, Eduard E
Casey, Eliza
Casey, Emily
Casey, George H
Casey, Hariet
Casey, James
Casey, Jane
Casey, Samuel
Casey, Samuel
Cavalier, Francois
Cavalier, Jacob
Cavalier, Nattellie
Charleneau, David
Charleneau, John
Clark, Abram
Clark, Julia
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Susana
Colocher, Antonio
Colocher, Francis
Colocher, Joseph
Colocher, Josette
Colocher, Louise
Colocher, Sophie
Colocher, Thomas
Conyest, Francois
Conyest, Jerretta
Conyest, Joseph
Conyest, Margarette
Conyest, Sophia
Covit, Henry
Covit, Louis
De Tallilier, Charles
De Tallilier, Frederick
Decateau, George
Decateau, Louis
Decateau, Mary A
Deceteau, Angelic
Deceteau, Charles
Deceteau, James
Deceteau, Joseph
Deceteau, Louise
Deceteau, Pierre
Dehiverls, Charlotte
Dehiverls, Francois
Dehiverls, Jean B
Dehiverls, Sophie
DeLame, Genge
DeLame, Ilaine
Dice, Ellen
Dice, Harry
Dice, John
Dice, Mary
Dice, Robert
Dice, Sally
Donegon, Adolph
Donegon, Eugene
Donegon, Hector
Donegon, Hector
Donegon, Henry
Donegon, Joseph
Donegon, Louise
Donegon, Sophie
Douglass, Alexander
Douglass, Catherine
Douglass, Fred K
Douglass, John
Douglass, Margarette
Douglass, Stewart
Fisher, Ambrose
Fisher, Charlotte
Fisher, Eduard
Fisher, Jean B
Furgusson, Danial
Furgusson, Eduard
Furgusson, Hugh
Furgusson, James
Furgusson, Mary
Furgusson, Mary
Furgusson, Timmothy R
Gabriel, Francis
Gabriel, Joseph
Gabriel, Jsi
Gabriel, Marie
Gardipie, Alphonse
Gardipie, Angelic
Gardipie, Annette
Gardipie, Batiste
Gardipie, Francois
Gardipie, Janette
Gardipie, Louis
Goodwood, Benjamin
Goodwood, Harriet
Goodwood, Joseph
Grant, Charles
Grant, Charles
Grant, Cuthbert
Grant, Ellen
Grant, Isabel
Grant, Louise
Grant, Patrick
Grant, William
Herbeck, Francis
Herbeck, James
Herbeck, John
Herbeck, Sarah
Herine, Ambrose
Herine, Joseph
Herine, Resalie
Heune, Angelic
Heune, Audie
Heune, Eduard
Heune, George
Heune, Margarette
Heune, Sophie
Hinne, Joseph
Hinne, Sophia
Hoole, Ambrose
Hoole, Eduard
Hoole, Joseph
Hoole, Margaret
Hymatt, Catherine
Hymatt, Frederick
Hymatt, James
Hymatt, Jean
Hymatt, Mani
Iruelt, Antone
Iruelt, Batiste
Iruelt, Benjamin
Iruelt, Margarette
Iruelt, Sophia
Jaryouyer, Elizabeth
Jaryouyer, Jaques
Jaryouyer, Joseph
Jaryouyer, Joseph
Jaryouyer, Pierre
Jaryouyer, Sophie
Kalran, Angelic
Kalran, Batiste
Kalran, Francis
Kalran, Susan
Kalran, Thomas
La Clair, Hermini
La Clair, Josephine
La Clair, Madaline
La Clair, Philipe
Lacovet, Angelic
Lacovet, Antoine
Lacovet, Eduard
Lacovet, Louise
Lacovet, Pierre
Ladue, Charlotte
Ladue, Jean B
Ladue, Marie
Ladue, Pierre
Laframboise, Catherine
Laframboise, Charlotte
Laframboise, Jaques
Laframboise, Labors
Laframboise, Peter
Landie, Amie
Landie, Francois
Landie, Joseph
Landie, Joseph
Landie, Julia
Landie, Peter
Larana, Fine
Larana, John
Laroque, Batiste
Laroque, Catherine
Laroque, Joseph
Laroque, Julia
Laroque, Louis
Laroque, Peter
Le Bonshier, Josephine
Le Bonshier, Louis
Le Bonshier, Margarette
Le Bonshier, Marie
Le Bonshier, Marie
Leland, Ambrose
Leland, Catherine
Leland, Peter
Leland, Sophie
Leland, Susan
Lonselle, Angelic
Lonselle, Charles
Lonselle, Jaques
Lonselle, Jeannette
Lonselle, Jeliri
Lonselle, Josephine
Masson, Francois
Masson, Jaques
Masson, Julie
Masson, Mary
Masson, Peter
McDermot, Catherine
McDermot, Helen
McDermot, James
McDermot, John
McDermot, Margaret
McDermot, Robert
McDermot, William
McKay, Eduard
McKay, Ellen
McKay, Hannah
McKay, Irma
Mortmain, Catherine
Mortmain, Eduard
Mortmain, Josephine
Mortmain, Sophie
Nallie, Catherine
Nallie, Elizabeth
Nallie, Francois
Nallie, Joseph Jr
Noode, Andrew
Noode, Joseph
Noode, Sophie
Noode, Thinias
Packelt, Caroline
Packelt, Francis
Packelt, Hariet
Packelt, Joseph
Packelt, Joseph
Packelt, Josephine
Packelt, Lewis
Pakin, Isabel
Pakin, John
Pakin, Sophie
Palliteu, Benj'n
Palliteu, Harriette
Paltette, Joseph
Paltette, Josette
Paltette, Thomas
Papin, Antonio
Papin, Baptiste
Papin, Francois
Papin, Hariet
Papin, Jaesste
Papin, Margarette
Pouterant, Joseph
Pouterant, Louis
Roche, Caroline
Roche, Herve
Roche, Jammie
Roche, Peter
Rosavelt, Annette
Rosavelt, Charles
Rosavelt, Elizabeth
Rosavelt, Jane
Rosavelt, Joseph
Simond, Catherine
Simond, Grette
Simond, Isadore
Simond, Jaques
Sladue, Catherine
Sladue, Charles
Sladue, Eduard
Sladue, Isabel
Sladue, Joseph
Sladue, Michael
St. Michael, Angelic
St. Michael, Annie
St. Michael, Caroline
St. Michael, David
St. Michael, Francis
St. Michael, Frederick
St. Michael, Henry
St. Michael, Josephine
Tirmana, Francois
Tirmana, John
Tirmana, Julia
Vallet, Ellen
Vallet, Gorge
Vallet, Joseph
Vallet, Julia
Vallet, Susan
Vallie, Joseph
Vallie, Noher
Vallie, Sarah
Van Nutt, Andrew
Van Nutt, Angelic
Van Nutt, Hernoi
Van Nutt, John
Van Nutt, Marie
Vandal, Charlotte
Vandal, Joseph
Vandal, Pierre
Vandal, Sophie
Vandals, Anster
Vandals, Benjmin
Vandals, Caroline
Vandals, Catherine
Viddeau, Ambrose
Viddeau, Francis
Viddeau, Harriet
Viddeau, Henry
Viddeau, Jean B
Viddeau, Joseph
Viddeau, Marie
Viddeau, Pierre
Wallit, Catherine
Wallit, Joseph
Whaler, Helen
Whaler, Sophia
Whaler, Sophia
Whaler, William
Whaler, William
Wilkie, Catherine
Wilkie, George
Wilkie, Henry
Wilkie, Jean Batiste
Wilkie, Martha
Wilkie, Mary Ann
Wilkie, Peter